Leave the Teachers Union NOW!

Instructions to Leave the United Federation of Teachers Union (UFT)

From Michael Kane and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

8-27-21 (UPDATE 6-30-22)


As many of you know I publicly announced I am leaving my union, the UFT, during TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s August 25th protest at City Hall. Leaving the union does not mean I am leaving my NYC DOE job, not at all. It just means I will no longer be paying union dues to the UFT while I teach in NYC.

I strongly encourage every UFT member to follow me now, and below is complete instructions on how to do so.

I am leaving the UFT because they are supporting forced vaccination for me to maintain employment as a teacher with no testing option in lieu of vacciantion. The UFT and AFT are completely derelict in their fiduciary responsibility to represent me, and after a full year of attempting to communicate and negoatiate with them I can no longer in good faith pay them one more dime. In fact Randi Weingarten, president of the AFT has just FIRED all unvaccinated AFT staff. These are not educators, but secretaries, custodians, etc…

Randi is nothing but a shill for the biosecurity state. Leave the UFT & AFT NOW!

Below is the info you need and first steps to leaving the union

(1) First know that you do not lose any benefits. Your salary, pension, medical benefits, even the wellfare fund benefits that are said to “come from” the UFT. They don’t come from the UFT, they come from NYC and are managed by the UFT. If you leave the UFT, but need to call them because of a problem with a prescription medication, your dentist, or vision plan, the UFT has to service you. You may get some stank-eye from the chapter leader in your school. And, of course, you need to deal with whatever this means for the politics in your own school building. Some buildings have very powerful chapter leaders. Of interest I have now heard from 5 chapter leaders who are planning on leaving the UFT.

(2) To leave the UFT, all you need to do is write a simple letter and send it to the NYC DOE and the UFT. Below we have a template of such a letter that you just need to copy and paste into an email, date it, fill in your information, and send it. You will send this letter to (a) Your payroll secretary, (b) NYC DOE Payroll Office, and (c) the UFT. We have provided the emails for NYC DOE Payroll Office and the UFT for you. Obviously we cannot provide your payroll secretary’s email, you must get that on your own. We will also have you cc optoutuftnyc@gmail.com so TEACHERS FOR CHOICE can tally how many in total have been sent in.

Important – If your chapter leader, or anyone from the UFT calls you to talk about why you are leaving the union we strongly recommend that you do not talk to them and instead ask them to send everything to you in an email. They may make claims that are not true over the phone that they would not put in writing to you.

One last thing we recommend to ensure your dues stop coming out of your paycheck ASAP: You should also send a physical certified letter in the mail as well to make sure no one can say they did not receive it.

This is step one, and it is the most important step. If we get thousands to do this it is going to be a very big deal. Possibly national news.

Below is the letter for you to copy, paste into an email, fill in your information, and send to the following email addresses:


Here are the email addresses you send the below letter to:

mmulgrew@uft.org fperkin@schools.nyc.gov optoutuftnyc@gmail.com

(The third email is a TEACHERS FOR CHOICE tracker email)

(please remember to add the email of your payroll secretary in your school)

And here are the two snail-mail addresses to send your certified letter to

UFT: United Federation of Teachers (NYC)

52 Broadway New York, NY 10004 Fax — 212-510-6434

NYC Dept Of Education

65 Court Street
Room 1400
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Fax- 718-935-3702

Below is the letter you will copy and paste to email to resign from the UFT

(This is the most important thing to do RIGHT NOW!)


SUBJECT LINE – Union Resignation

NYC Dept Of Education
65 Court Street
Room 1400
Brooklyn, NY 11201

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to notify you that I do not want to be a member of the union that represents my position. If your records indicate that I am a union member, I hereby resign my membership in the union and all of its affiliates effective immediately.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled I cannot be compelled to pay any union dues or fees as a condition of my employment. I no longer want to pay any dues or fees to the union. As of this date, I revoke any dues deduction authorization that I may have signed, and no longer authorize the deduction of any union dues or fees from my paycheck.

If you, the employer, do not have a signed dues deduction authorization from me, dues deductions are not authorized under state law and by my exercising my First Amendment rights. If you refuse to accept this letter as a resignation of union membership or revocation of dues deduction authorization, please inform me promptly, in writing, of your reasons for so doing. Please also include anything that I may have signed that supports your decision not to honor my request.


Your name, address and contact info


UPDATE 6-30-22: Attached is a form from the NYC DOE to opt out of the UFT. We will have more info on this form in the near future:


15 thoughts on “Leave the Teachers Union NOW!

  1. Thank you, YOU READ MY MIND! I just send the email (my 3rd email to Mulgrew this week). The email address for tracking is incorrect because the website editor is doing something weird. I can help you with the WordPress issues.


  2. I have the letter printed and ready to send. The response I got from my union rep was, “Wait a little while longer. All the NYC Unions are in arbitration to not have the vaccine be mandatory.” Is this true?

    Also wondering, can I re-join the union in the future if I decide to?

    Thanks, Dawn



  3. I’d really like to leave the union. But I wonder what would happen in the event of a problem with admin or an “allegation”. What kind of support would teachers have? Won’t we be left to fend for ourselves?


    1. For this you will need to get representation from a third party. We have organizations that will represent you and it costs about $300 a year (as opposed to $1440 for UFT dues) We will be holding a webinar on exactly how to proceed with this within the next 2 weeks.

      If you leave the union, it will take at least 2 weeks (prob more) before they stop taking dues out of your paycheck. So that entire time they still must represent you. Once you see they have STOPPED taking your dues, then you would want to find an organization for representation.

      But also – you (like I) are about to lose your job within 2 weeks because of the “representation” you’ve paid for via UFT. Do you see how paying them one more dime makes ZERO sense???


  4. Excellent advice and summary of how the UFT and AFT are really working behind the scenes to enslave humanity via Biometrics.


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