Amazing Day in Court and in Prayer

John Bursch Mic Drop in NYC 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

by Michael Kane


John Bursch was phenomenal during oral arguments today on behalf of NYC workers fired for declining covid vaccination in the cases New Yorkers for Religious Liberty v. NYC, Kane v. de Blasio, and Keil v. NYC. These three cases were consolidated and argued before the 2nd Circuit federal court of appeals today.

“The judges ears were wide open,” said Bursch on the steps of the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in downtown Manhattan as hundreds of impacted New Yorkers surrounded him. Fired NYC Workers are legally represented by Children’s Health Defense, The Gibson Law Firm, Nelson Madden Black and Alliance Defending Freedom.

left to right Plaintiff Ingrid Romero, CHD President Mary Holland, NYC Retired Fire Captain Brendan Fogarty, CHD Grassroots Organizer Michael Kane, Attorney Barry Black and Attorney John Bursch on the steps of Thurgood Marshall Courthouse

Watch Bursch address the crowd on Instagram here.

Listen to the entire proceeding in court today by clicking here.

OR by going here: then click on “Archive of Oral Arguments” then “2023” then find

New Yorkers For Religious Liberty, Inc. v. The City of New York02-08-23

Before the case began plaintiffs held a nondenominational Moment of Prayer in Foley Square which was live streamed on CHD TV and can be viewed here.

THE DEFENDER at Children’s Health Defense will likely be publishing a more extensive piece on the precision of Bursch’s arguments before the court, but here I just want to point out a layman’s perspective of his talent.

Bursch reminds me of an extremely talented hip-hop rap artist when he engages in argument. His rhythm and speed are faster than average but it compels the listener to keep up with him and pay attention; you feel inadequate if you are unable to keep pace. Often people who speak or argue quickly encourage the listener to disengage from what is being said, but that is not the case at all with Bursch.

In addition, his ability to craft his responses to fully satisfy every question asked and rebut every argument placed before him is remarkable and masterful. It was an honor to be in his presence in the court today and witness his craft live and in person.





14 thoughts on “Amazing Day in Court and in Prayer

    1. God’s son John Bursch fought like a Lion! My husband and I listened to the entire audio. He brought the Truth and did not back down. Thank you to each and every Attorney who is standing for our Constitutional rights. God Bless Mr. Bursch🕊


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