ACT NOW! Stop Bill to Vaccinate Children and Hide it From Parents!


NY Teachers For Choice does not hold a position on most childhood vaccinations.

We have members and supporters of our organization who fully vaccinate their children, who partially vaccinate their children, and who choose not to vaccinate their children. However one thing we do not, and will never support, is the vaccination of children without parental knowledge or consent.

Right now, in Washington D.C. there is a bill on the desk of Mayor Muriel Bowser that would allow children to be vaccinated without parental consent, and then the insurance company would alter their records so the parents would never know it happened; so there would never be parental knowledge that it ever occurred.

This is dangerous.

Read the bill for yourself here.

If this becomes a law it could lead to a child receiving the same vaccine multiple times unnecessarily, and would also ensure parents would never know the full medical history of their own child. Please act now by respectfully asking Mayor Bowser to veto this bill today.

Please contact the mayor any of the following ways:

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, DC

Phone: (202) 727-2643  and

Facebook: @MayorMurielBowser

Twitter: @MurielBowser & @MayorBowser

Instagram: @mayor_bowser

Here is a simple letter you can send to her email or social media accounts:

Dear Mayor Bowser:

Please VETO Bill B23-171 that would allow 11-year-old children to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent, and then hide the insurance records from their parents. It is dangerous to hide a medical procedure that happened to a child from their parent.

Thank you.

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