New York Teachers For Choice in the Media

New York Teachers For Choice (NYTFC) media coverage can be found on this page. We have had so much coverage we cannot keep up with it all, but will periodically update this list as our coverage expands:


REBEL NEWS interviews Michael Kane on Kane v. de Blasio

BLOOMBERG LAW: 6-14-22 NYC Teachers Target Third Judge in Vaccine Case Over Drug Stocks

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Historic August 25th Protest was covered by the Associated Press:

NY POST: 6-12-21- Teachers, parents protest mask and vaccine rules at UFT headquarters ( This was really great coverage, however the NY POST got a few details incorrect in their reporting. Find those corrections HERE.

Crowd Source the Truth: 3-24-21 – Attorney Michael Sussman and Michael Kane interviewed by Goodman: The Legal Battle for Americans’ Most Basic Rights with Special Guests Michael Sussman & Michael Kane

The NY POST, Daily Newsand 1010 WINS cover TEACHERS FOR CHOICE new lawsuit: : 3-7-21 – Covers TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

Crowd Source the Truth: 1-27-21 – Interview with Jason Goodman: New York Teachers Threaten to Stop Paying Union Dues over Forced Medical Mandates

Gary Null interview: 12-31-20 – (interview begins at 49:50)

NY POST: 12-19-20 – Staten Island teachers, parents protest mandatory COVID vaccines, by Sam Raskin and Eileen AJ Connelly:

NY POST: 12-14-20 – NYC school teachers, parents sue to stop COVID-19 testing over DNA fears, by Priscilla DeGregory:

Crowd Source the Truth: 12-14-20 – Live Stream of Attorney Michael Sussman press conference announcing KANE vs NYC DOE lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education over privacy rights violations for in-school COVID testing:

NY POST: 12-5-20 – More than half in FDNY say they’ll refuse COVID-19 vaccine, by Sara Dorn: (our petition is mentioned in this report)

NY POST: 12-4-20 – NYC DOE says teachers who refuse COVID-19 test will be removed from payroll, by Susan Edelman:

GOTHAMIST: 10-24-20 – City Assures COVID-19 Test Samples Collected From NYC Schoolkids Are Not Being Sold, by Sophia Chang:

THE CHIEF: 10-16-20 – Letter to the Editor: GUARD TEACHER, STUDENT DNA

Natural Blaze: 10-17-20 –

Crowd Source the Truth: 10-15-20 – Interview with Jason Goodman

Through the Looking Glass: 10-12-20 hosted by Dennison Joyce, on

New York School Talk: 10-7-20 – Did NYC Sell Student & Teacher DNA to a Biotech Company?

Gary Null interview, 9-28-20 (interview begins at 45:30)

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