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The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) negotiated a deal with Mayor De Blasio last year that forced NYC teachers to be subjected to randomly selected COVID tests once a month. If a teacher was selected to take that test and they refuse, they are threatened with being placed on leave without pay.

Mandatory testing was the first step toward mandatory vaccination in NYC.

While every teacher who wants to get the COVID vaccine deserves easy and quick access to it, do we really want our unions or governments forcing medical procedures upon us to keep our jobs?

The President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten was on the record that she supported forcing teachers to get the COVID vaccine to keep our jobs. When Randi Weingarten stated on MEET THE PRESS that she supported forced vaccine mandates for educators, that was the trigger that allowed Mayor de Blasio to mandate the covid vaccine in NYC Schools.

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