Steering Committee Members and Advisors

Labor & Legal Advisors:

Michael Sussman, Esq., Sussman & Associates

Sujata Gibson, Esq., Gibson Law firm

Mary Holland, Esq. – General Counsel for Children’s Health Defense

John Gilmore, Executive Director Autism Action Network

Rita Palma, Founder My Kids My Choice

Tramell Thompson – Labor Leader & Founder of Progressive Action TV

Joe Mugivan, Retired NYC Teacher, legendary whistleblower

**Labor & Legal Advisors are not members of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee, nor do they have a direct say or vote into the workings of our organization. The opinions and actions of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE do not necessarily reflect the opinions and actions of our Labor & Legal Advisors, and vice versa.


Steering Committee

NY Teachers For Choice steering committee holds all voting and decision making power. As new members join their names, cities and unions (or former unions) will be listed on this page. Any educator in New York can join. If you are an out-of-state educator please contact us as we are expanding nationwide. If you wish to join our steering committee please email us at nyteachersforchoice


Michael Kane, Queens, NY: United Federation of Teachers (Former UFT/AFT)

Valerie Domenech, Nassau County, NY, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)

Mawuli Olivierre, Brooklyn, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Renee Lucca, Staten Island, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Vicki Savini, Balton Spa, NY: (NYSUT)

Jessica Anderson, Queens, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Bonnie Skala Kiladitis, QueensNY, (UFT/AFT)

Kate W., Western New York: Clarence Teachers Association (CTA/NYSUT)

Dennison Joyce, Brooklyn, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Monique G., Suffolk County, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Garret Ramirez, Queens, NY: (UFT/AFT)

Crystal Bozeman-Palacio Brooklyn, NY: Teacher

Anthony Bloch, Queens, NY: (UFT)

Kimberly Plush, Suffolk County, NY (NYSUT)

Jill MacSwan, Springville, NY; (NYSUT)

Peggy Canfield, Lackawanna, NY, (NYSUT)

Jen Farrell, Nassau County, NY, (NYSUT)

Melissa Melissinos, Nassau County, NY, (NYSUT) 

8 thoughts on “Steering Committee Members and Advisors

  1. Thank you so much for all your efforts on behalf of teachers!

    I am not at all comfortable with submitting to the mandatory Covid testing that is scheduled to begin in the very near future.

    I know it has been stated that any teacher who does not consent to the Covid testing will have to go out on an unpaid leave.

    Is this indeed still the case?

    Will this be enforced?

    Thanks in advance, Maria Vasiliou (NYC public school teacher)

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


    1. Yes Maria, for NYC public school teachers if you refuse to take the in-school COVID test the UFT (our union, that is supposed to protect us) has threatened to place the teacher on unpaid leave. Will this actually happen? Is it a bluff? We don’t know. I do know teachers and educators who are going to refuse, and we are currently talking to lawyers about what options they will have. Please stay in touch with us, and email us at so we can get you more involved with us and our steering committee.



  2. I wish I had known about the rally on Saturday but just found out about your group. I am a teacher working in upper Manhattan and would love to find out how to get involved. Thanks. Jackie


  3. I am a private ESL teacher and Fine Artist
    Spent YEARS sketching at the Met Museum
    Used to take my students there.
    Will anybody stand with me ?
    I’m going to protest in front with a polite sign. It’s only to raise awareness of this injustice. All people need access to cultural venues . Ava


    Your courage and love will help move us all forward into FREEDOM !!
    And thanks to wonderful MICHAEL, lets make sure to support him this NOVEMBER 10th at the Prayer Rally !!


  5. Teachers, Art and Music especially, needed to sign letter to cultural venues shutting them (and unvaccinated students )out with the unconstitutional mandates.
    ANY win against mandates is a win for all.
    NYACAE New York Arts and Culture Alliance for Equality


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