Twitter Locks TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Account For Posting Article From Mexican Press


An article in the Mexican Press reports that a 32-year-old female doctor in Coahuila has suffered seizures and became paralyzed after receiving the Pfizer experimental COVID mRNA vaccine on December 30, 2020. That article can be found at the following link written in Spanish:

The news organization that published this story is Infobae, a news website that was created in Argentina in 2002 by businessman Daniel Hadad. Infobae has 450 staff journalists and over a thousand freelancers. Their headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company also has news bureaus and local editions in New York City, Mexico City, Miami, Bogotá, São Paulo and Madrid, according to Wikipedia.

Infobae is a legit, professional news organization reporting in Spanish.

For posting a link to their website, Twitter has locked NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Twitter account.

The censored post was a reply to a tweet from AFT Union President Randi Weingarten @rweingarten and others on the thread. Twitter claims this link is “dangerous misinformation,” but it appears to be entirely legitimate reporting, although it is not published in English. Is Twitter discriminating against non-English websites?

We will post when/if our Twitter Account is unlocked. If anyone has any advice on how to proceed forward please let us know. This is the first time we have been censored on any of our platforms.

UPDATE: Twitter is allowing our account to be unlocked as long as we delete the above mentioned content. While we do not agree that this content is misinformation, we are going to delete it as it is not the central goal of our organization to promote such material as this. We are not happy about this decision, but feel it is the best for us to make at this time.

FINAL UPDATE: Twitter is keeping our account locked for 9 hours and 19 minutes. We should be able to use the account again this evening.

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