NYC Teachers Must Answer if They Are “Fully Vaccinated”

Question Asked Every Day to Enter NYC DOE School Buildings

by Michael Kane


Since September 2020 anyone entering a New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) building must answer a number of “health screening” questions to enter. Yesterday for the first time NYC Educators were asked if they are “fully vaccinated” to go to work.

If you answer “yes,” that is the end of the screening. You are cleared for entry.

If you answer “no,” a number of questions proceed especially relating to travel. 

This is coming from 2 recent developments 

(1) Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order stating all New York teachers must submit their vaccine status to their employers, and,

(2) NYC DOE is still requiring its unvaccinated teachers to quarantine for 10 days after traveling even though Governor Cuomo has recently lifted all travel restrictions.

This is perplexing, as it has been admitted that none of the COVID vaccines have been tested to determine if they prevent the spread of SARS CoV-2. So NYC DOE is giving a travel “privilege” to its vaccinated teachers that is entirely unscientific. The truth is this is not about science, it is an attempt to coerce educators into getting vaccinated.

Is asking your vaccine status legal? 

Right now that remains in question. Whether or not it violates HIPPA is unclear, as it is highly likely that the federal regulation has some reference to contagious disease, quarantine orders and/or pandemics. That is currently being researched by attorneys TEACHERS FOR CHOICE maintains contact with. 

For me, personally, this question is not an issue. I will tell everyone —>


I am not fully vaccinated.

I am sure anyone who knows me and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is not surprised by this. This is not something I wish to hide. I do understand that not everyone wishes to have their vaccine status available for public consumption, so we are working to get the best legal answers and advice possible. One thing we believe to be true is that this information must be kept private and “secure” by the NYC DOE, but we do not have the details on precisely what that means at present.

“Digital Passports”

What is more frightening than this one single question of vaccine status is that these health screening questions are moving in the direction of becoming an “employment health passport.” In Los Angeles we see they are ready to roll out their “student health passport” in the LAUSD public school system. All across the world this is happening. Israel has a “green pass” vaccine passport that is effectively creating a new privileged citizenship. Here in New York the embattled Governor Cuomo has rolled out “Excelsior Pass” which is a vaccine and COVID testing passport to attend large venues like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center. I am personally very concerned we are going to see a Digital Student passport in NYC very soon, possibly with a biometric identifier.

We must resist ALL of these passports as they are far more dangerous than forced vaccination. The Excelsior Pass is designed to “grow.” The plan seems to be for the Excelsior Pass to eventually combine with other passes – like the NYC DOE health screening when it morphs into an employment health pass.

All of these passports will eventually become one digital identity that will use a biometric tracker such as a thumb print or retina scan. The goal is to have the data from your Excelsior Pass, Employment Pass, Health Pass, Vaccine pass, Easy Pass (tolls), and your phone all accessible in one database trackable in real time.          

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