Online Religious Exemptions for College Workshop

All states, including NY and CA, Sunday, May 2

Very important presentation for anyone in college or anyone with a ‘child’ over the age of 18 attending college. – mk


     Is your child’s college or university mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for attendance? Like millions of Americans, you may be hesitant to accept the vaccine.

     New York attorney Giulia Miller and advocate Rita Palma are offering an Online Exemption Workshop and educational materials to educate parents on their rights to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine for their college children- how to apply, what to write, and what is legally permitted.

     Join them on Sunday, May 2 at 7:30pm until 10:30pm. They will review the rules across the country, suggest themes, and hold a robust Q & A.

     While individual states cannot mandate the vaccine under the Emergency Use Authorization, there is nothing illegal about individual colleges/universities creating their own mandate- but they have to follow state law. The policies of schools do not override state law.

     Learn about your right to say ‘No’ to the vaccine and still have your child attend school without restrictions.

     The vast majority of states offer religious exemptions to vaccines for all students. Even New York, who repealed the exemption for those under 18, still has the religious exemption available to those over 18.

     Attendance is limited to 100.

     The link to the event is below:

 To participate you must have Zoom installed on your device.

You will be sent a Zoom invitation via email to the event at 7 pm on May 2.

Links to downloadable materials will also be sent via email.

     Please share this message with others who are concerned about colleges and universities mandating their young adult children to take an experimental vaccine in order to gain a higher education.

     If you would have questions about the workshop, or would like to receive the written materials at no charge or, please email

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