Stop forced Covid shots for College Students


Stop Repeal of Medical Privacy

Demonstration, Wed., May 19, 4-6 pm

Rockville Centre Long Island Rail Road Station 

North Village Avenue and Front Street, Rockville Centre

Bring friends, bring family, bring signs, bring noisy things.

There is a bill  in NY to force doctors and all addults to give their vaccine records to a state database A279/S75.

3 thoughts on “Stop forced Covid shots for College Students

  1. Curious why Rockville Center? How will that get the attention of our representatives – who is out there to be influenced by our demonstration?


  2. Figure I will try to make the trip out, since State Senator Todd Kaminsky voted for it, so I get why it’s out there. BUT, let’s continue to monitor this situation, since there is word out that some sort of controlled opposition is in play here. For instance, are we being led to a place where our demonstration will have any effect whatsoever?? I am new to this kind of citizen action, and giving my all at the moment. Thx…… T



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