San Fran Teacher Disciplined For Teaching Kids in Park

by Michael Kane


Andy Libson is an American hero and a Teacher Hero!

I know Andy.

He co-hosts a show called WHAT’S LEFT where he and his San Francisco colleagues interviewed me for over an hour. It was a great show!

A few weeks ago on Twitter I read about a San Fran teacher disciplined for teaching children in the park. I thought of Andy at the time and wondered what his opinion was of this situation. I had NO IDEA HE WAS THE HERO IN QUESTION!!!

Alison McDowell posted an interview Andy did with NEWSMAX that is at the top of this post. It is 8 short minutes and worth watching in its entirety. Andy will be one of the teachers taking part in a national conversation of educators where we will be asking if it is time to leave our teacher unions or if there is time to reform them. – mk

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