Lawsuit Clarification from TEACHERS FOR CHOICE


Recently my friend and ally teacher Rachel Maniscaclo emailed some information regarding multiple lawsuits that are about to be filed against NYC over the COVID vaccine mandate for DOE employees.

A few clarifications

(1) The ONLY LAWSUIT that TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is sponsoring is the one about to be filed by Sujata Gibson. We do not need any other litigants for that lawsuit at this time. We appreciate if you can make a donation to help fully fund that lawsuit just by clicking right HERE

(2) TEACHERS FOR CHOICE supports ALL the lawsuits that are being worked on. We believe an onslaught of legal action is the best way to attack right now.

(3) TEACHERS FOR CHOICE cannot vouch for any other lawsuit other than the one we are sponsoring which is soon to be filed by Sujata Gibson

(4) Our lawsuit IS NOT sponsored by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Children’s Health Defense (CHD). It is sponsored by CHD New York which is affiliated with the national CHD organization.

5 thoughts on “Lawsuit Clarification from TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

    1. The governor doesn’t actually have the authority to make the mandate she is making. NYC has more authority than the governor because it is recognized that it is the local government that controls the school system, not the state. NY State is supposed to pass LAWS that the governor signs. When Cuomo had emergency powers that was different, temporary. The emergency has ended. But in NYC I believe the mayor STILL HAS A STATE OF EMERGENY ORDER IN PLACE.


  1. I would like to know if any lawsuits that will be won for teachers, will it cover teachers who are not part of the lawsuits. I am an unvaccinated teacher who was let go on September 6, 2022. February 11, 2022, I signed a paper that the DOE had us sign, not to sue. I was told sign it, people sue everyday. I signed thinking the mandate would be lifted before the upcoming school year. It didn’t, and I am out of a job, since then. I also was denied a religious exempt. I don’t know if I should look for a lawsuit to join. should I need to, please let me know of them, thank you and good luck with the lawsuits🙏🙏🙏


    1. We don’t know what will happen to those who signed waivers. We need to go one step at a time. First we need a win for those who didn’t sign waivers and we hope the waiver will become null and void


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