Sujata Gibson Wins Mask Lawsuit in New York!!!

Sujata Gibson is TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s attorney on our soon-to-be-filed lawsuit against NYC. GO GIRL!!! – mk

NY Health Commissioner Repeals Mask Mandate for Unvaxxed After Federal Lawsuit Filed

Children’s Health Defense supported the lawsuit filed by William Ouweleen which challenged the constitutionality of the emergency mask mandate requiring unvaccinated people to wear masks while vaccinated people could go mask-free.

2 thoughts on “Sujata Gibson Wins Mask Lawsuit in New York!!!

  1. I’m a teacher in Suffolk county, they are discriminating, and molesting me every week with an EUA unapproved carcinogenic nasal test. This cannot continue. We need to stop complying. Our Union has done nothing for us. This is unacceptable that this is continuing to happen as the jabbed can still become ill, and transmit. The mandates are nonsensical, and put our mental and physical health at risk. Please help. We need a class action law suit. We cannot let this happen.


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