MLC Files Legal Petition Against NYC on behalf of NYC DOE Employees


The following petition was filed by the entire Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) against NYC for not recognizing religious and medical exemptions to vaccination for employees who require such exemptions.

This is good. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is happy to see this and we fully support it. There are many very strong arguments made in this petition citing recent Supreme Court decision in ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCES OF BROOKLYN vs CUOMO as well as citing multiple adverse reactions of COVID vaccines. However we hold strong to our belief that President of the UFT Michael Mulgrew fell short in his fiduciary responsibility to all of his members.

What seems to be the worst part of this is that even if the complaint wins it seems situated to remove NYC DOE teachers from the classroom but keep them on payroll. This is unacceptable! The vaccine does not protect against the spread of SARS CoV-2, as admitted by the CDC Director on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, so the idea that the vaccinated have some forcefield around them that allows them to work safer than the unvaccinated is ridiculous!

Read the full complaint at the following link:

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