I am sorry, I can’t answer any more questions tonight

from Michael Kane


It is 8pm, I have an important meeting now, and I am damn tired.

I have answered hundreds of emails, DM’s, phone calls, etc… all day long as well as planning multiple protests and actions for this week. I am so sorry if I did not get to your individual question tonight. Here is the general info I can say

(1) EVERYONE who does not want to sign the waiver, and wants to apply for a religious exemption but can’t do so on SOLAS should send emails to the email addresses we have posted demanding the right to reapply.

You may not get it tonight, or tomorrow, but this fight is about much more than tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “I am sorry, I can’t answer any more questions tonight

  1. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing, it is very much appreciated.

    UFT is not for non vaccinated teachers. I missed the first filing date, so I never received the appeal. In turn, I filled out another application thinking that was how to do the appeal not knowing that it wasn’t. So now with this new development to appeal because the process was found to be unconstitutional I can’t submit another religious exemption application. The UFT was not helpful. Their response was vague, just sign the extended leave without pay.

    I am trusting in my Lord and Savior to see me through this process. I trust He will continue to guide me through this by connecting me with like minded people to help me be a witness of His grace and mercy.


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