This piece in GOTHAMIST on December 1st is important and interesting. I thank reporter Sophia Chang for writing it and for including multiple quotes from me. There are some areas where I disagree with the nature of how she characterized a few elements of the story, but overall this is an accurate and factual report.

This report breaks the MSM’s blackout of our victory in court, and it came right as our press release on this victory was getting thousands of views, quickly. I think once the official ruling came down on November 28th that we had definitively won it could no longer be denied that the NYC DOE must accept hundreds of more religious exemption appeals. This also forced the UFT to address the issue and even (heaven forbid!) advocate on behalf of their members currently on unpaid leave to get expanded access to the new appeal process.

With all of that attention GOTHAMIST realized they needed to weigh in on this narrative, and the narrative Chang puts out there is that yes, KANE et al. won in this narrowly focused case, but the courts still universally recognize that vaccine mandates are 100% legal. Chang even references Rachel Maniscalco’s case without naming it, calling it a “similar case” that was shot down by the Supreme Court. While that is not entirely accurate the main narrative in Chang’s piece assurance to everyone that vaccine mandates for adults are legal, good, and here to stay despite this recent court ruling.

Ultimately Chang may be proven correct on this narrative, however if the people decide this is not the social contract we so desire it very well can be changed and altered. There are signs of such an uprising happening in America, and all over the world. As the powers that be in Australia and Austria become more Draconian – even threatening up to 1-year of jail time for being unvaccinated in the case of Austria as well as opening “COVID CAMPS” in Australia – the people, too, are becoming more agitated.

Read it for yourself. – mk

NYC Vaccine Mandate: Court Rules Some Education Staffers Can Reapply For Religious Exemptions, by Sophia Chang

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