Statement in Support of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

From Organizers of

For Immediate Release

January 17, 2022

Organizers of the March to Save Our Youth and Defeat the Mandates wish to express complete support for the legacy and commitment to nonviolent, peaceful protest that Martin Luther King Jr. embodied.  This is the spirit out of which this event has been organized.  Dr. King’s legacy of unity and peace is the essence of our march was founded.  We condemn all organizations and individuals who would use this March as an opportunity to further their own agendas of intolerance and violence.

Organizers have contracted out comprehensive private security who will work in concert with local and federal law enforcement in keeping this March peaceful and in the spirit of Dr. King.  Participants in the March are asked to please report any suspicious or threatening activity to law enforcement which will be on hand at the march.


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