Children’s Health Defense is Not Affiliated with The People’s Convoy

from Michael Kanep


I am writing this post because there is some urgency that the record be set straight immediately.

While Children’s Health Defense (CHD) supports the aims and goals of the People’s Convoy (PC) as they are currently stated and as they currently understand them, CHD is not affiliated or supporting PC.

On the evening of February 18, 2022 a flier was forwarded to me which listed “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense TV” as being “embedded” with PC. Today a press release was forwarded to me said to be from PC which made the same claim.

As CHD’s Grassroots Organizer I can state CHD does not agree with the statement that CHD.TV will be “embedded” with the convoy, rather they plan to send their own news van that will follow the convoy to accurately report on all that occurs. CHD will be announcing precisely what they are doing related to coverage of the convoy in a few days.

One thought on “Children’s Health Defense is Not Affiliated with The People’s Convoy

  1. Good – we must be very vigilant that our honest good efforts here in the US are not infiltrated, subverted and commandeered for evil purposes by bad people. Psychopaths love nothing more than weaponizing our best efforts and intentions against us.


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