Hundreds Come Out to Lee Zeldin Rally in NYC

Andrew Giuliani fully endorses Lee Zeldin as the next Governor of New York

“The most important thing for our state is supporting Congressman Lee Zeldin to become the 58th Governor of the state of New York,” Andrew Giuliani speaking in Queens, NY fully endorsing Congressman Lee Zeldin in his race for Governor.

from Teachers for Choice


The rally in Whitestone Queens last night opened with Andrew Giuliani fully endorsing Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next Governor of the state of New York. Other speakers included Councilwoman Vickie Paladino, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Alison Esposito and, of course, Lee Zeldin himself.

Zeldin told a story of how Giuliani sacrificed his umbrella and new suit at a presidential engagement in the Whitehouse to ensure Zeldin’s wife did not get her new dress wet. Giuliani walked over to Zeldin, grabbed his hand and held it in the air showing clearly they are 100% unified on the same team!

It is also of interest to note that Zeldin reaffirmed publicly, yet again, that on day one of his administration he will end the covid emergency, revoke all state-wide covid mandates, and that all workers fired for declining vaccination should be rehired with backpay.

Watch 35 minutes of the rally live streamed on Instagram:

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