Public Health and Health Planning Council

The Codes Committee will convene at 10:15 AM, October 6th in Albany, Meeting Room 6 and 90 Church Street, NYC.  Full Council will convene immediately following the Codes Committee meeting. Must register with the secretary if coming to Church Street, NYC location due to security in the building.


This council is for example where many of the mandates and quarantine camp regulations came out from the health department. Meetings are connected in two in-person (mask-optional for now) locations via Zoom. I will be in NYC for the next one because the Chair and Vice-Chair are there. Governor’s people are in Albany. See below: three minutes per person public comment. I am adding you to my email list and will call you prior to remind.

Best of everything. This is America, Turtle Island, a sacred world and a sacred universe. We have to do this, and we can do this.


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