Nondenominational Prayer Vigil 10-11-22 9am in Foley Square, NYC


But we still pray!

Our cases fighting for the right to religious exemption to vaccination are currently in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Judges will be deliberating on October 11 at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in downtown Manhattan across from Foley Square. We will be holding a non-denominational prayer vigil in support of a positive outcome for religious exemption to vaccination in New York and America.

Here are some of the details:

  • This is not a rally but a peaceful gathering of faith
  • We respectfully request no signs be brought to this moment of prayer
  • ALL faiths are welcome including agnostics, skeptics and atheists

About our cases:

The KANE & KEIL cases represent NYC Educators who were unconstitutionally denied a religious exemption to vaccination. These cases were recently dismissed with prejudice from the Southern District Federal Court by Justice Naomi Buchwald. After this dismissal our attorneys appealed to the 2nd Circuit.

New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) represents all employees of New York City. Their case filed in the 2nd Circuit Court of appeals at the same time as KANE / KEIL. Because of this, the attorneys (who are the same on all cases) requested all three cases be consolidated into one case, and the court has granted that request. Now they all move as one.


The judges will likely be deciding the case on its merits soon. The 2nd Circuit Justices could rule with us or against us. If they rule against us, our attorneys will likely appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). While KANE / KEIL has appealed to SCOTUS once before, that appeal related to an injunction as opposed to a final ruling. Now that we have a final ruling in the lower court (dismissed with prejudice), if we are ruled against in the 2nd Circuit we can still appeal to SCOTUS on either regular or emergency basis if necessary.

The co-councils on our cases are Children’s Health Defense (CHD), the Gibson Law Firm (working with CHD), Nelson, Madden & Black, and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

2 thoughts on “Nondenominational Prayer Vigil 10-11-22 9am in Foley Square, NYC

    1. There is no church thisnis a COURTHOUSE

      The prayer is OUTSIDE and of course requires no testing or vax pass.

      I will not enter any buildings requiring me to test to get in. But for those who are willing it is an option so they can go in the 2nd Circuit Court to hear historic arguments before a 3 judge panel


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