Teachers for Choice Endorses Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York


NY Teachers for Choice fully endorses Lee Zeldin to be the next Governor of New York!

Teachers for Choice (TFC) is 100% opposed to medical mandates to maintain employment. In addition we fully support the right of parents to make all medical decisions for their children with no penalties. We are convinced that Lee Zeldin will protect, defend, and where lost, fight to regain these rights when elected to the highest office in the state of New York.

Zeldin has the experience and ability to reverse the medical authoritarianism that has taken over Albany. He is committed to using the full weight and leverage of his office to have all workers fired for declining vaccination rehired with backpay. On day one he will end all covid restrictions and mandates as well as the covid state of emergency in New York. This will restore our state’s constitutional and democratic balance of power. Zeldin is committed to protecting and strengthening the vaccine exemption process for both adults and children. He will appoint a new state Health Commissioner who holds and respects the values of medical freedom. Zeldin believes everyone has the right to say NO to any medical procedure without suffering any penalty such as losing your job, being banned from school, or banned from society at large.

We are convinced Zeldin is the candidate who has the experience and drive to defeat Governor Hochul in the coming general election. We are proud and honored to ask everyone to support Congressman Lee Zeldin and make sure he becomes the next Governor of New York!

Teachers for Choice

Michael Kane, Founder www.TeachersforChoice.org

and TFC Steering Committee

The next Governor of NY Lee Zeldin with TFC Founder Michael Kane and Orline Borno


About Teachers for Choice

TFC formed in August of 2020 in opposition to NYC public school medical mandates for employees. We are now a state-wide association of New York educators.

Currently we are partnered in lawsuits suing NYC over a fraudulent religious exemption to vaccination process in multiple federal court cases. Recently two Obama appointed federal judges were forced to recuse themselves from presiding over the cases because financial disclosures revealed they both owned Pfizer stock – a direct conflict of interest.

On January 5, 2022 TFC co-sponsored a protest in Albany that brought over 4,000 medical freedom activists to the Capitol on the first day of the legislative session. After that massive showing not one medical mandate bill became law in 2022.

Back in November of 2020 TFC sued then-mayor Bill de Blasio and NYC over privacy rights to in-school specimens collected by Fulgent Genetics covid tests. TFC won the case getting a court-ordered stipulation requiring the destruction of specimens after a positive or negative covid result was obtained. A year later it was revealed that Fulgent Genetics has close ties to the Chinese government and reserves the right to harvest DNA from covid test specimens. This was revealed when Sheriff Alex Villanueva of the Los Angeles Police Department disclosed an emergency briefing he received from the FBI leading him to cancel LAPD’s covid testing contract with Fulgent Genetics.

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