New York Take Action Now! Is NYC Stealing Teacher and Student DNA?

Email & Call the Mayor and other NY leaders to demand an answer!

This campaign will launch on Thursday, October 8, 2020

For over a month we have been trying to find out if NYC sold teacher and student DNA to the Biotech company Fulgent Genetics who is performing in-school COVID tests. No one has answered our question. We wrote an open letter to our Union President Michael Mulgrew – which has now been read by more than 8,000 people. Mulgrew never responded, nor did anyone from the UFT.

Now we need your help getting answers!

We have written an email template below that you can copy and paste – or change if you like – to demand an answer to this critical question to ensure informed consent of all medical procedures in New York City schools.

Anyone who lives or works in NYC, and anyone who has a child in NYC schools, should perform this action with us right now!


Send an email now to these 4 NY leaders, and then call them! If no one picks up, leave a message.

Mayor Bill De Blasio – (212) 788-3000

City Counsel Speaker Corey Johnson – (212)-564-7757

School Chancellor Richard Carranza – (212) 374-0200

UFT President Michael Mulgrew – (212) 331-6311

Here are their email addresses – copy and paste them into your email:,,,

And here is a letter you can copy and send to these four NYC leaders:

Dear Mayor, Speaker, Chancellor and UFT President:

For over a month now NYC Teachers have been asking if in-school COVID testing by Fulgent Genetics would also be cataloguing student and teacher DNA, but no one has answered them.

I am writing to the four of you to demand an answer to this simple question. Anyone who gives a swab sample in school to be tested for COVID should know what that swab will and will not be used for. Fulgent Genetics is the company running the testing in NYC, and they own a proprietary catalogue of genetic information that they profit off of. Are the samples collected in NYC schools going into their private catalogue for capitalist profit? Are the samples collected going into any other catalogue for any other reason?

I look forward to your prompt response

Sign your name, Part of NYC you live or work in


When you send this email, we would appreciate if you cc us at – With your help we can force NYC to answer this very simple question.

Please also reach out to them on social media – especially on Twitter, using the following handles: @NYCMayor, @NYCSpeakerCoJo, @UFT, @DOEChancellor, @NYCSchools, @teacher_choice

Here are all of our social media accounts:




Thank you!

NY Teachers For Choice

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