If Any Teacher Refuses In-School COVID Test Please Contact Us

Teachers in the East Syracuse Minoa school district were tested for coronavirus at the high school gymnasium Aug 31, 2020. A nasal and saliva test were given by nurses from Nascentia. Chrystal Corbett a teacher is tested as daughters Skylar 8 and Brooklyn 6 look on. Dennis Nett | dnett@syracuse.com


Today marks the first day of COVID testing in NYC schools for teachers and students. I know some teachers who plan to refuse to take any in-school COVID test if they are selected to do so. If you are one such teacher or school staff member please get in touch with us right away. We are seeking legal advice on what our/your options are.

To be clear, NY Teachers For Choice does not stand in opposition to COVID testing in schools. However we do stand in opposition of making anyone take a test when NYCDOE and UFT cannot, or will not, answer all valid questions surrounding the medical test they are being coerced into taking.

Our ACTION on Thursday and today was a big success. More info on that is coming up. If you did not complete the action yet you still can. Go to the following link to do so:


We have more media coming up soon and more news. We will be posting more info over the weekend.


One thought on “If Any Teacher Refuses In-School COVID Test Please Contact Us

  1. My name is Maria Vasiliou. I am a NYC public school teacher. I do not want to consent to mandatory Covid testing. I would be willing to participate in a class action lawsuit regarding this.

    Thank you ________________________________


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