GOTHAMIST Covers NYC Schools COVID Testing DNA Controversy


We would like to thank GOTHAMIST and reporter Sophia Chang for covering the controversy surrounding NYC in-school COVID testing and DNA specimens from students and teachers. There is a lot of solid info in this report.

However I do not understand why Chang and GOTHAMIST accept that it is reasonable that Fulgent Genetics effectively “promises” they won’t catalogue DNA specimens they collect from COVID testing into their proprietary library of genetic information.

Did Fulgent pinky swear too?

The contracts that NYC penned with Fulgent (and all other parties) should be definitive in terms of what can, and cannot, be done with collected specimens. If that language doesn’t exist, NYC has failed teachers, parents and students. Any notion that a private Biotech firm can be trusted or taken at their word or “promise” is ridiculous and outrageous.

Read GOTHAMIST’s report here:

New York Teachers For Choice (NYTFC)

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