Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?

by Michael Kane 10-15-21 Recently the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) received a victory in a case known as WEINGARTEN vs. DEVOS. The AFT had sued the Trump Department of Education (DOE) then headed by Betsy Devos over college debt relief. The Biden Administration just settled the case in AFT’s favor. This is a winContinue reading “Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?”

Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT

8-30-21 Legendary Harvard-trained civil rights attorney and Progressive Democrat Michael Sussman fully supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE calling on our supporters to leave the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. About 6 months ago while finishing one lawsuit and beginning another with Sussman I had asked his legal advice on whether I and my supporters shouldContinue reading “Attorney Michael Sussman Supports TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Leaving the UFT”

Instructions to Leave the United Federation of Teachers Union (UFT)

From Michael Kane and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 8-27-21 As many of you know I publicly announced I am leaving my union, the UFT, during TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s August 25th protest at City Hall. Leaving the union does not mean I am leaving my NYC DOE job, not at all. It just means I will noContinue reading “Instructions to Leave the United Federation of Teachers Union (UFT)”

Tramell Thompson Speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE August 25th NYC Protest at City Hall

8-13-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is proud and honored to announce that the founder of Progressive Action TV Tramell Thompson will be speaking at our August 25th Protest in NYC at City Hall. Thompson is an NYC Transit worker and Local 100 Union member. We would also love other Local 100 Union leaders to speak atContinue reading “Tramell Thompson Speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE August 25th NYC Protest at City Hall”

LAUSD Abandons Mandatory Vaccination Due to Lawsuit

But Gavin Newsom issues “vaccinate or test” policy statewide for California, same as NYC Very happy to see my friends and partners at Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) get a win in Los Angeles. However very quickly after this CA Governor Gavin Newsom announced a state-wide “test or vaccinate” policy for all teachers based offContinue reading “LAUSD Abandons Mandatory Vaccination Due to Lawsuit”

Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening

***Come to NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST 8-25-21 learn more HERE*** by Michael Kane COVID Testing Forced Vaccination Listen to entire town hall HERE 8-3-21 Today’s phone call from UFT President Michael Mulgrew was a mixed bag, but we did find out many important pieces of information. Here is the info at a glance: COVIDContinue reading “Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening”


8-3-2 New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) – the largest Teachers Union in New York – has just reaffirmed their opposition to vaccine mandates for educators. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE greatly thanks NYSUT President Andy Pallotta for sticking to his word. We reported back in June that Pallotta and NYSUT were opposed to any vaccine mandateContinue reading “NYSUT Reaffirms They OPPOSE VACCINE MANDATES for EDUCATORS!!!”


8-2-21 The following letter was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 2, 2021: To the Honorable Michael Mulgrew; Below please find the demands from the Teachers for Choice Union caucus as regarding the weekly testing requirement in New York City Public Schools.Continue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Demands for NYC UFT COVID Testing Option”

Organized Labor in New York Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates

by Michael Kane 7-28-21 (updated 8-1-21) Organized labor in NYC is 100% against vaccine mandates to keep our jobs. Now the lame-duck mayor Bill De Blasio is implementing a policy designed to coerce all city employees to get the COVID vaccine without going through collective bargaining. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is planning legal action. Here isContinue reading “Organized Labor in New York Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates”


I want to thank Jill Jorgenson from NY1 for including TEACHERS FOR CHOICE in her most recent report on De Blasio’s new vaccine and testing mandate for city school workers. Our steering committee member Garrett Ramirez is interviewed stating in a democracy he does not believe anyhone has the right to force things into people’sContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE on NY1”