WHAT’S LEFT? Interviews Teachers For Choice Michael Kane

by Michael Kane


I am a Progressive Unionist.

Not everyone in the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Caucus is a Progressive Unionist, but I am. When I say progressive, don’t confuse me with the faux-Progressive Democrats who want to force inject everyone with vaccines, strip away free speech, destroy civil liberties, live life in permanent lockdown and implement multiple medical mandates to maintain employment and exist in society.


Those Democrats are no more progressive than Adolf Hitler was a “socialist.”

Those Democrats are really Regressive Democrats but they prefer to steal the term “progressive” just as Hitler stole the word “socialist” to make believe his “national socialism” wasn’t Fascism.

It was so incredibly refreshing to meet some true Progressive Unionists like myself from the left-coast and talk to them about the state of education in New York City on their platform WHAT’S LEFT? It was fantastic to talk with Eduardo, Kenny and Andy and I look forward to collaborating with them again in the near future.

Everyone needs to stay on top of WHAT’S LEFT? and follow them at their website:


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S LEFT? Interviews Teachers For Choice Michael Kane

  1. Great interview, thank you for your work, Michael! Here in Seattle it’s an uphill battle to find any resistance within the teaching community. Very grateful for the model you and your group are providing. Solidarity!


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