Is Los Angeles Headed For Biometric Digital Student Passports?

by Michael Kane


Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) just announced a “student pass” with a QR code on technology designed by Microsoft. Make no mistake about this – QR codes are the first step towards a biometric digital student passport. Recently I wrote about how NYC is headed in this same direction. Looks like LA beat NYC to the punch.

The LA version of this “student pass” is combining the ability to make appointments for COVID testing and vaccination with daily health screenings. Watch a video from the LAUSD at the following link:

Once this QR code based technology is in place, it is a mere hop-skip-and-a-jump to placing it on blockchain and connecting a student biometric identifier such as a retina scan, finger print, etc… Not too long after that we will see biosensors tracking children throughout the school building and the community. There are already school districts in America piloting tracing technology on students to monitor their every step in a school building and to “beep” each time the child comes within 6 feet of another human.

LA – you have to resist this, NOW!

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