TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Endorses Adriana Aviles for City Council!

District 19, Queens, NY

Donate to her campaign right HERE


NY Teachers for Choice is extremely excited to endorse Adriana Aviles to be the first Latinx female to represent Queens District 19 in City Council! Vote for Aviles on June 22nd in the Democratic primary election!

Adriana is principled, fearless, truthful and independent. She is a Democrat who has not abandoned the party’s roots of defending civil liberties, and she does not cater to any special interests other than the pressing concerns of her constituents and all New Yorkers.

She isn’t bought off or owned by anyone!

Adriana Aviles is the lead plaintiff in AVILES vs. DE BLASIO where she is suing NYC for kicking her children out of in-person learning for refusal to sign the consent form for in-school COVID testing. Just like TEACHERS FOR CHOICE, Adriana can not understand why NYC won’t allow her to submit test results from a doctor of her choosing. She supports all educators along with our families to have choices, not mandates. 

She is pro-vaccine at the same time she is pro-choice for all medical procedures, and she stands against vaccine health passports such as the “Excelsior Pass.” Adriana is also calling for NYC schools to return to 5 days a week of in-person education.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE enthusiastically endorses Adriana Aviles for City Council in Queens, District 19!

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