Amazing Campaign by Andrew Giuliani!

Teachers for Choice 6-29-22 Clearly and without question no candidate in the New York primary election did more for the Medical Freedom Movement than Andrew Giuliani. Being unvaccinated and unapologetic, he was banned from 2 out of the 3 major TV debate stages having to attend remotely. He was the only candidate to discuss theContinue reading “Amazing Campaign by Andrew Giuliani!”

Lee Zeldin on Medical Freedom

Why Teachers for Choice Endorsed Zeldin to be Governor of New York 6-26-22 On May 11th, Teachers for Choice participated in a Zoom call with Congressman Lee Zeldin where he answered our questions for over an hour. He outlined his full support of medical freedom if he becomes Governor of New York to more thanContinue reading “Lee Zeldin on Medical Freedom”

What about the Democrat Primary this Tuesday?

We can’t endorse any Democrat for Governor …but we have some picks for Assembly 6-25-22 Registered Democrats who support Teachers for Choice have been reaching out to us asking who to vote for in the Democratic primary this Tuesday June 28 For ASSEMBLY MEMBERS please get our recommendations here. For GOVERNOR we have no recommendation.Continue reading “What about the Democrat Primary this Tuesday?”

Help Lee Zeldin Win the Republican Primary Tues 6-28-22

Teachers for Choice has endorsed Lee Zeldin for Governor Now he needs YOUR HELP! Super Saturday Blitz! All registered Republicans need to vote this Tuesday, June 28th for LEE ZELDIN. If you are not a Republican, you can still HELP! Here are two SUPER SATURDAY events on Long Island that you can volunteer for toContinue reading “Help Lee Zeldin Win the Republican Primary Tues 6-28-22”

Critical Info for Primary Voting on Tuesday June 28 in NY

6-23-22 EVERYONE who voted YES (Y) to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for kids back in 2019 must be voted out in these primary races. KEEP IN MIND — YOU ARE ONLY VOTING FOR TWO POSITIONS IN THE TUESDAY JUNE 28 PRIMARY GOVERNOR STATE ASSEMBLY REPS The State Senate primary and federal Congressional primaryContinue reading “Critical Info for Primary Voting on Tuesday June 28 in NY”

Is Jeff Dinowitz, the Assembly’s biggest pharma puppet, on his way out? AOC wants him gone.

From John Gilmore 6-22-22 Jeffrey Dinowitz, the vaccine industry’s most loyal puppet in the New York Assembly is facing an unprecedented primary challenge from Jessica Altagracia Woolford in the Democratic primary scheduled for next Tuesday.  Woolford most recently worked as spokesperson for US Senator Kristen Gillibrand. She is 40 years younger than Dinowitz, and sheContinue reading “Is Jeff Dinowitz, the Assembly’s biggest pharma puppet, on his way out? AOC wants him gone.”

Health Choice Surveys from NY Assembly Candidates:

6-22-22 We have received our first Completed Survey from Danyela 4 NY We had to go to Twitter to attempt to contact her competitor Brian Kavanaugh in Assembly District 27, Lower Manhattan. Kavanaugh voted AGAINST repealing the religious exemption to vaccination for children back in 2019. However the lack of accessibility to his campaign isContinue reading “Health Choice Surveys from NY Assembly Candidates:”

Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates

Find out what the candidates say they will do about covid & medical mandates if elected 6-9-22 Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter has sent a survey on medical mandates to the majority of candidates running for Governor in New York. As we receive responses from candidates, we will be posting the PDF files here forContinue reading “Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates”

SCOTUS rejects challenge to 2019 NY religious exemption repeal 

New Direction: No more exemptions just informed consent Everyone who wants your vote this election needs to support codifying the right to say NO to any vaccine or medical procedure into NY Stat Law *** by John Gilmore 5-24-22      Yesterday the United States Supreme Court refused to hear a case filed by 55Continue reading SCOTUS rejects challenge to 2019 NY religious exemption repeal 

BREAKING NEWS: John Matland Wins in Court!

Matland will be on ballot challenging Nicole Malliotakis in Staten Island Congressional Primary by Michael Kane 5/19/22 John Matland won a major victory in court yesterday against the Board of Elections (BOE) in Staten Island, NY. He is now officially on the ballot in the congressional Republican primary up against Nicole Milliotakis, who voted toContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: John Matland Wins in Court!”