Petition Demanding the Reinstatement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Historic Speech in New Hampshire on March 3, 2023 *** Read and sign this petition from New Hampshire here: It’s a tradition spanning over a century, that New Hampshire kicks-off the national Democratic primary for President. On March 3rd, 2023 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. came to ourContinue reading “SAY NO TO BIG TECH CENSORSHIP!”

An Open Letter to Members of the Democratic National Committee from RFK Jr.

Here is the open letter I sent today to the members of the Democratic National Committee: An Open Letter to Members of the Democratic National Committee ( January 31, 2023 An Open Letter to Members of the Democratic National Committee I am a lifelong Democrat whose family has served our country in many capacities, fromContinue reading “An Open Letter to Members of the Democratic National Committee from RFK Jr.”

Going Back to Your Statehouse!

The Medical Freedom Voting Bloc is Real! It’s time to educate and engage your local state lawmakers By Michael Kane 11-29-22 Stand for Health Freedom announced there was a sweep for medical freedom candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, especially in local state-wide offices. The majority of vaccine-related policies are passed on the state level.Continue reading “Going Back to Your Statehouse!”

Why Zeldin Lost in New York

Parental Rights & Medical Freedom by Michael Kane 11-15-22 Lee Zeldin was the gubernatorial candidate for parental rights and medical freedom in New York this election cycle and it was an honor to endorse him, campaign with him, and promote him on all Teachers for Choice platforms. However The GOP in New York made aContinue reading “Why Zeldin Lost in New York”


Fired Court Clerk in Dead Heat NY Assembly Election by Michael Kane 11-13-22 Chris Sperber is in a dead heat for Assembly District 11 (Long Island) against incumbent Democrat Kim Jean-Pierre. Teachers for Choice endorsed Sperber. I did not think Sperber stood a good chance in his Democrat-leaning district, but he has certainly (and thankfully)Continue reading “TOO CLOSE TO CALL!”

Solid Gains made in Tuesday’s Election In New York

From 11-10-22, 3:54pm While it is disappointing for many that Governor Kathy Hochul (D) and Attorney General Leticia James (D) won on Tuesday, it isn’t surprising. The political reality in New York is that registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans more than 2 to 1. In the last fifty years there has been only oneContinue reading Solid Gains made in Tuesday’s Election In New York

Hochul’s Horrifying QUARANTINE CAMPS

Why NY Must Vote Hochul Out of Office NOW! Every New Yorker you know needs to watch this presentation on Hochul’s Quarantine Camps before election day! New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a regulation that would allow for Quarantine Camps where anyone could be detained, with no proof they are sick, for an unlimited amountContinue reading “Hochul’s Horrifying QUARANTINE CAMPS”

Teachers for Choice Endorses Rob Speranza for NY Assembly TEACHERS FOR CHOICE proudly endorses Rob Speranza for state assembly in District 26, which is northeast Queens, NY! Speranza supports everyone’s right to choose what does and does not go into their own bodies as well as their children’s bodies. He supports parental rights including the right to decide what vaccinations a child does andContinue reading “Teachers for Choice Endorses Rob Speranza for NY Assembly”

Teachers for Choice NY Election Endorsements

Below are all TEACHERS FOR CHOICE endorsements. They are the same as NY HEALTH VOTERS endorsements with 2 changes 1. We endorse Wendy Rodriguez for NY State Senate 2. We endorse Steven Rhoads over John Brooks for NY State Senate *** Endorsements for Statewide Offices Governor, Lee Zeldin Lt. Governor, Alison Esposito Attorney General, Michael HenryContinue reading “Teachers for Choice NY Election Endorsements”

Teachers for Choice Endorses Wendy Rodriguez for NY Senate TEACHERS FOR CHOICER proudly endorses Wendy Rodriguez for NY State Senate in District 4! I first learned of Rodriguez from the legendary Long Island Medical Freedom Fighter Rita Palma. Rodriguez is committed to Medical Freedom and parental rights. She stands behinds Lee Zeldin’s Medical Freedom platform. She opposes covid mandates for kids, college students,Continue reading “Teachers for Choice Endorses Wendy Rodriguez for NY Senate”