Connecticut Fights to Keep Religious Exemption to Vaccination

Our attorney, Michael Sussman, is suing Governor Cuomo and New York State for repealing the religious exemption to vaccination for children on June 13, 2019. So few people realized just how significant this attack on civil liberties was at the time, and few realize how important it still is.

This Tuesday Connecticut is fighting to keep its religious exemption to vaccination. Here is John Gilmore’s call to everyone in the tri-state area to come and fight for the civil liberties of those in Connecticut and their children – mk

USA Take Action: Come to Hartford, CT to stop repeal of vaccine exemption, Tues., April 27

Rally with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree many more

The Connecticut Senate is voting on Tuesday, April 27 on repealing religious exemptions in Connecticut. Repeal already passed in the House.  

We were able to stop  repeal in New Jersey, let’s do it again in Connecticut!

We need everybody to get to the Connecticut Capitol in Hartford on Tuesday, April 27!







RALLY: 10:30am

Connecticut State Capitol

210 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106

Line the Capitol sidewalk from the Capitol to the Legislative Office Building (LOB) with signs to greet senators as they arrive for the day.

If you own an educational demonstration sign, please bring it with you.

We encourage homemade signs with messaging such as:

Parents Call The Shots

Coercion is Not Consent

Grandfathering Is Segregation

Educate. Don’t Discriminate.

Exemptions Aren’t the Problem

At the North Steps of the Capitol from 10:30am on, listen to special guest speakers Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Attorney Mary Holland, Pastor Aaron Lewis, Allison Chapman and more…


We need to get loud! Rise Up! BE BRAVE! Get your voices heard!

They need to be able to hear us on the Senate floor while they debate the bill. We could hear the small group during the House vote, imagine how loud thousands will be!


Bring friends and family

Bring noise makers, bull horns and ear protection for the kiddos.

Wear comfortable shoes! There will be a lot of walking and standing.

It might be warm and then cold outside, so we suggest dressing in layers.

Pack a bag of essentials including water, snacks and extra layers.

Bring activities for your children.

Bring a portable charger for your phone.

Take your trash with you if you cannot find a garbage can.

There will be news coverage:

Media will be wearing a press badge around their neck, carrying a video camera, regular camera and/or a notepad and pen. If you are interviewed by the media, stick to brief, factual statements that cannot be edited, or find a versed advocate to speak to them.

Whenever possible, have someone you know record the interview too.


It’s helpful to plan your parking ahead of time and have a back-up option. It is common to have to drive around the city to find parking, especially if you’re looking for the closest on-street parking.

Find and reserve your parking space using Spot Hero

Consider using a ride share into Hartford.

Street parking – Don’t forget to pay the meter

Capitol Avenue, Trinity Street, Elm Street, Trumbull Street

Parking Lots (Paid)

Train Station, One Union Place, Hartford – 9 minute walk

Jewell Street Artspace Hartford – 70 spaces, 9 minute walk

West Street Lot – 155 spaces, 11 minute walk

Hilton Lot – 292 spaces, 12 minute walk

Goodwin Square Garage – 319 spaces, 12 minute walk

Spruce Street Lot – 210 spaces, 13 minute walk

more parking can be found here

Parking Garages outside of the city:

Crossroads Plaza and Blue Back Square, West Hartford

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