TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Resolution Against All Vaccine and Health Passports

Resolution #2

This resolution has been passed by the NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee, http://www.nyteachersforchoice.org


WHEREAS vaccine and health passports are increasing all across the globe for human beings to travel freely and participate in society;

WHEREAS such passes or passports are guaranteed to create a new “privileged class” of citizenry, and thus a new “under class” of citizenry;

WHEREAS New York State has amended its education law to begin discussing the roll out of digital Biometric ID systems in schools starting in 2022;

WHEREAS in 2018 the NAACP passed a resolution against all digital identification systems being mandatory for anyone to access life-saving resources such as a public education or employment;

WHEREAS most educators in New York are required to answer “health screening questions” before entering their school building to work;

WHEREAS the health screening questionnaire in NYC Schools now includes a question asking if you are “fully vaccinated;”

WHEREAS the NYC health screening questions seem as though they are evolving towards becoming an “employment health passport” as well as a “student health passport;”

WHEREAS Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has already introduced their “student health pass” that was developed with Microsoft;

WHEREAS New York is the first state in America to launch a vaccine and COVID-testing passport called “Excelsior Pass;”

WHEREAS all such passes or passports are a clear violation of fundamental human rights;

WHEREAS there is no science yet to prove that the COVID vaccine stops the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus, and even Dr. Fauci admits fully vaccinated individuals may still be capable of spreading the virus;

WHEREAS none of these passes allow for people who have already been infected with SARS CoV-2, and thus have developed antibodies against the virus, to be given the same status and privileges as someone who received the COVID vaccine. This is completely unscientific and illogical because it is recognized that natural acquired immunity to any illness is superior to vaccine-induced immunity. Additionally the only defense vaccine-induced immunity provides is the production of specific antibodies to a given virus. Naturally acquired immunity does the exact same thing, only better. The fact that there is no category for those who have acquired natural immunity proves health & vaccine passes and passports have little to do with public health, and much to do with power and control.

WHEREAS in Nazi Germany the segregation of Jews was argued as addressing “public health;”

WHEREAS the ultimate goal of health passes and passports is to lay the groundwork for a biometric digital identity system where all information and data about an individual is run through one interoperable system; i.e. your international travel passport, vaccine pass, medical records pass, employment pass, domestic travel EZ pass (tolls), a financial transaction pass (all purchases and taxations), as well as all communication and data from your phone; all of which could be monitored on one single dashboard in real time;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE caucus is against any teacher or student health passport to enter any school building in New York (and America). We demand that there must ALWAYS BE an option to fill out any health screening questions on paper. We also want to remind everyone that all pandemics END. Every pandemic that has ever plagued humanity has come to an end; many that were much worse than this one. When the pandemic ends, so should health screenings.

We demand to have all information regarding how our data is being processed and stored for those who choose to use the app or online questionnaire which is attached to the email accounts of NYC DOE educators. We demand to know what companies are involved in the processing of our data and what they are and are not allowed to do with that data. And we stand 100% against the “Excelsior Pass,” created by the currently embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo in conjunction with IBM to enter publicly available venues such as Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center.

We stand against any-and-all vaccine & heath passes an passports.

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