Youtube Channel Hosting Interview of Michael Sussman Censored!

Sussman Interview Now Hosted on New Channel


Jason Goodman of Crowd Source The Truth has been very good to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. On March 23rd Goodman interviewed Michael Kane and our attorney Michael Sussman. His channel was later pulled down by Youtube, however Goodman replaced the entire channel with Crowd Source the Truth 3.

Goodman plays a nimble game of cat-&-mouse with Big Tech.

The interview was viewed over 8,000 times on the first channel before being pulled down by Youtube, and has since been viewed over 700 times on the new replacement channel. Please spread the new link to this interview around. It was a critical interview where Sussman covered many crucial health freedom civil libertarian issues including religious and medical exemptions to vaccination, forced COVID testing in NYC Schools, and the attacks on NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller.

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