Our Attorney Michael Sussman Quoted in The Chief


Reporter Bob Hennelley just published an article in THE CHIEF discussing the move by NYC to push or, possibly, force workers to get the COVID vaccine. At the end of the report he quotes our attorney Michael Sussman and mentions NY Teachers for Choice. The entire report is available for subscribers by clicking HERE. Below is the last section of his report where Sussman is quoted and we are mentioned. – mk


Lean Toward Requiring It

Such a requirement (of forced COVID vaccination) is being hotly debated in medical circles for congregate-care facilities, while individual assisted-living and elder-care companies have opted to mandate it. A recent Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that among health-care workers who worked for an employer, “nearly 6 in 10 said they would support their boss requiring vaccinations for all employees who work with patients.” 

Michael Sussman, a civil-rights attorney who has been representing NY Teachers for Choice, said during a phone interview that such mandates would run afoul of a court ruling that the Pentagon could not compel soldiers to take an anthrax vaccine.

“If 50 percent of the population is resisting, you run into the Prohibition-like risk where the government can’t reasonably take positions in opposition to that large of a segment of the population without risking its legitimacy,” he said. “When I was a kid, our parents vaccinated us—it was a social contract—and individual families didn’t evaluate it. They just complied. Now, people feel they have sufficient information to make their own decision.”

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