PRESS CONFERENCE – Teachers For Choice Discusses Lawsuits, Protests and New Political Actions!


View the press conference here:

Come to our ZOOM Press Conference on Tuesday, May 18th at 4pm. We will be discussing the following topics:

(1) STOP COPE Campaign – TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has launched a campaign to stop paying political contribution (called COPE) to NewYork Teacher Unions and instead redirect that money to a defense fund in preparation for future ligitation to defend against forced medical mandates for educators in New York.

(2) BUENO vs NYC DOE – On Wednesday, May 19th, our attorney Michael Sussman will be arguing in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of two NYC DOE employees who have refused to sign the in-school COVID testing consent forms. For this they have been placed on unpaid leave. Sussman will explain why this is illegal and how we plan to get these employees reinstated at their jobs. Get all court filed petitions and docuements for this case HERE.

(3) PROTEST AT UFT Headquarters – To be announced and discussed at press conference.

(4) ADRIANA AVILES for City Council – Adriana will discuss her case AVILES vs DE BLASIO defending the rights of parents who refuse to sign the in-school COVID testing consent form. She will also discuss her campaign to become the first Female Latinx City Council represenative for District 19 in Queens. Learn more about Adriana HERE.

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