NYC Mayoral Race and COVID Vaccination

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is having an impact on the narrative

by Michael Kane


Not one Democratic candidate for mayor raised their hand to indicate they would require NYC public school teachers and staff to get the COVID vaccine to keep their jobs, according to the NY POST.

It isn’t UFT leadership that stopped those hands from raising, it is TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and our supporters.

If it were up to UFT leadership there would be a vaccine mandate for all NYC public school teachers right now. However TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and our supporters have been loud and in front when it comes to being opposed to forced COVID vaccination of NYC DOE employees, demanding that we maintain the choice to vaccinate or not. Since we pay the salaries of UFT leadership, they currently are quietly not supporting a forced vaccine mandate.

TEACHERS FOR CHOIC has gotten over 22,000 signatures to our petition against forced vaccination of educators, we have protested at UFT headquarters, and we have been reaching out to the mayoral candidates asking for them to go on record regarding vaccine mandates for teachers. None of them have responded to us. However their lack of hand raising during the debate is a pretty “loud” response, in my opinion.

Everyone should be sure to know if it were not for our efforts this would not be the case. Also be sure to know if we slow down our efforts UFT leadership will change its position, and so will mayoral candidates.

But Children Don’t Have a Union

When it came to whether parents should have the right to choose if their child gets the COVID vaccine, the mayoral candidates sang a different tune – most of them anyway.

When asked if they would require students to get a COVID vaccination, “Five of the candidates said they would: (Kathy) Garcia, (Scott) Stringer, entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, former federal and city housing chief Shaun Donovan and not-for-profit executive Dianne Morales,” reports the NY POST.

So these 5 candidates are no longer capable of getting an endorsement from TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

Eric Adams, Maya Wiley and Ray McGuire all said no, they would not require students to get a COVID vaccine.

So these 3 candidates still may get TEACHERS FOR CHOICE endorsement.

What is so very odd about this is that, just days earlier, Kathy Garcia stated in a 1010 WINS interview we know COVID is not spread by small children and “we have to follow the data.” Therefore she stated she is ok with no vaccine requirement for children because “that is what the data shows to be most appropriate.”

You can hear that comment at the following link:

This flip-flopping is so disappointing to TEACHES FOR CHOICE because Garcia was starting to look very viable for mayor, and for our endorsement.

Maya Wiley has always been at the top of our list for candidates to endorse – she remains at the top today.

Eric Adams is a very viable candidate and recently slipped passed Andrew Yang in the polls to become the front runner. His support for charter schools does make it difficult for our union caucus to endorse him. However it is not impossible for our endorsement to go to him, as CHOICE for all medical procedures is our #1 priority in this election – choice for teachers AND PARENTS!

Ray McGuire does not appear to be a viable candidate for mayor but we will certainly be keeping our eye on him.

Isn’t it interesting all the candidates supporting choice for adults and children with the COVID vaccine are African American? The Black community remains one of the least vaccinated populations in NYC for COVID today. Many blame that on access but I am not sure if that is the whole story. The Black Community is very skeptical of experimental products developed by Big Pharma and the US Government, and who can blame them? The history of illegal medical experimentation on Blacks in America is long and disgusting.

5 thoughts on “NYC Mayoral Race and COVID Vaccination

  1. I appreciate all the work teachers for choice are doing to protect our right to choose for our children and ourselves when it comes to our healthcare.


  2. Maya Wiley ?!?! Hell NO !
    Anyone even remotely attached to Soros is BAD news ! The world economic forum is behind much of this vaccine absurdity, and Soros is neck deep in it.
    Frankly, I don’t see a single decent candidate.
    NYC needs another Giuliani in there to clean up the mess Deblasio made , and the more conservative leaning the candidate , the better.
    It’s a blatant fact that conservatives are much more against these absurd vaccine mandates madness.

    The fact that you reached out to some of these candidates and they didn’t respond is very telling. You got your answer with their silence.

    I could pull 10 people off the street with better qualifications than any of the clowns who put their hat in the ring.

    This is depressing.


    1. I understand your frustration.

      TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is 100% against medical mandates for anyone to keep their job. We also feel no child should be forced to inject the COVID vaccine to go to school. These 3 candidates are the only ones who publicly showed they will not force kids to get the COVID vaccine. This is our “Sophie’s Choice” in this election.


  3. I can’t vote for anyone connected to Soros. If she is aligned with him, she can say she won’t mandate vaccines but change that the second she gets into office.

    If these dangerous vaccines ever get mandated by some act of lunacy, I am fully prepared to pull my children out of school. Under NO circumstances will I ever give my children one of those vaccines. Not with a EUA, and not with full FDA approval. I have always made sure my children got all vaccines on the recommended schedule, but these vaccines are like nothing we have ever seen before. The deaths and injuries they are causing are unprecedented.
    The push for these vaccines is maniacal .

    I will stand in solidarity with any teacher, staff member, or student that does not want to take these vaccines. . No one should ever be forced, coerced, or shamed for not wanting to participate in experimentation on their bodies.

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on the race for mayor, and pray that better Candidates present themselves.

    Thank you for all you’re doing to fight this madness.


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