NY Take Action: Adult Vax database bill passes Committee 14 to 12 with NO Black votes

The session in Albany ends June 10th. That’s a little more than 2 weeks to KILL THIS BILL. Complete the action below to STOP THE ADULT VACCINE DATABASE IN NEW YORK! You can easily complete the action at this link – https://cqrcengage.com/achamp/app/write-a-letter?5&engagementId=511798

Then scroll down to and call as many of the phone numbers listed below as you can. – mk


     The NY Assembly Health Committee voted last week 14-12 to pass Assembly Bill A279,  the bill that would require all adults’ vaccination records to be turned over to the state. None of the black members of the Committee voted for it. If passed the state will know who has received shots, and more importantly who has not. Creating a database of this kind is an essential first step to enforcing adult vaccination mandates and vaccine passports, a long-desired goal of the vaccine industry. The only feasible use for it is to identify people who have not complied with state forced vaccination measures and target non-compliant people for coercion, isolation and punishment. 

     In an unexpected turn the bill will be sent to the Assembly Codes Committee where we  will have another opportunity to try and kill it. The Codes Committee usually meets on Wednesdays.

     All seven Republicans voted against it, as did 5 Democrats. 14 Democrats vote for it. Votes against the bill came from Republicans Ashby, Byrne, Byrnes, Jensen, McDonough, M. Miller and Salka with Democrats Abinanti, Barron, Bichotte Hermelyn, Sayegh and Solages. Yes votes came from Chairman Gottfried (the bill sponsor),  Braunstein, Cahill, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Galef, Gunther, Hevesi, McDonald, Paulin, Reyes, D. Rosenthal, L Rosenthal, Steck. 

     None of the three black members of the Assembly Health Committee voted for the bill. In the Senate Health Committee only Samra Brouk voted for it, and that was most likely a concession to Sen. Hoylman, the sponsor in the Senate, who aggressively campaigned for Brouk in the last election. The only other black member of the Senate Health Committee, Sen. Brian Benjamin, was conveniently absent for the vote. The bill has only garnered one vote from the five black legislators who have voted so far.

     The lack of support among black legislators for the bill may be its downfall. The Covid-19 alleged vaccination rate among black New Yorkers is half the overall average. Vaccination rates among Hispanics in New York is only slightly higher. And poll after poll shows the highest level of skepticism about the Covid-19 shots is among black people. That skepticism is evident in the votes so far of the black legislators. This database is intended to identify and punish people who do not obey the state, which is exactly what the database for children’s vaccination is used for. Obviously black and Hispanic New Yorkers will be disproportionately targeted for surveillance and punishment if this bill is passed. 

     Chairman and bill sponsor Gottfried announced that the bill was going to be modified to allow patients to opt out, which is a direct concession to the deluge of negative reaction to the bill from the public. We are awaiting specific language.

   The next stop for the bill is a vote the Assembly Codes Committee, Every additional task they legislature must do to pass the bill helps us because the session is scheduled to end on June 10 and any additional work increases the likelihood that the bill will not be completed by the time the clock runs out.  

     Please get on the phone and your computer and contact the following members of the Assembly CodesCommittee. Talking points are below the contact info.

     We need 11 votes to kill the bill. We believe we have definite 8 NO votes  including all six Republicans. We need three more Democrats.

     Please click here  Take Action   to send emails to the leadership of the legislature and your own State Senator and Assemblymember and the members of the Assembly Codes Committee.

Please call and email your assemblymember. Find out who that is here – https://www.nyassembly.gov/mem/search/

     Please get on the phone and your computer and contact the members of the Assembly Codes Committee. Contact information below below.

     Please comment on the members’ Facebook pages. Ask them to vote NO. Please be polite. Ranting, threats and name calling, etc. doesn’t do us any good and may alienate people whose vote we may be able to get in the future. Please keep it civil, calm and polite.

     Please tweet them it you use Twitter.

     And please email them directly with your own reasons for opposing the bill. Again, be civil, calm and polite.

     Many of the phone numbers will go directly to voice mail and frequently voice mail boxes are full, so use the other methods of communication.

     It is highly unlikely that any member who co-sponsored the bill will vote against it.

     Please start at the top with Speaker Carl Heastie (the Boss)  and work your way down.

     Before you start on that if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please keep us in business by donating here:


Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly

(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539


Twitter: @carlheastie


Jeffrey Dinowitz, Codes Committee, Chair, Co-Sponsor

Voted NO in Health Committee

(518) 455-5965, (718) 796-5345,


Twitter: @JeffreyDinowitz


Vivian Cook, (518) 455-4203, (718) 322-3975


No Twitter

No Facebook

David Wepriin, (518) 455-5806, (718) 454-3027




J. Gary Pretlow, (518) 455-5291, (914) 667-0209




Latrice Walker, (518) 455-4466, (718) 342-1256



N. Nick Perry, (518) 455-4166, (718) 385-3336




Clyde Vanel, (518) 455-4711, (718) 479-2333




Rebecca Seawright, (518) 455-5676, (212) 288-4607




Daniel O’Donnell, (518) 455-5603, (518) 866-3970

NO twitter



Catalina Cruz, (518) 455-4567, (718) 458-5367




Steven Cymbrowitz: (518) 455-5214, (718) 743-4078

Voted YES in Health Committee


Twitter: @cymbrowitz


Patricia Fahy, (518) 455-4178, Co-Sponsor




Charles D. Lavine, (518) 455-5456, (516) 676-0050, Co-Sponsor




Linda Rosenthal: (518) 455-5802, (212) 873-6368, Co-Sponsor

Voted YES in Health Committee


No Twitter

No Facebook

Andrew Hevesi: (518) 455-4926, (718) 263-5595, Co-Sponsor

Voted YES in Health Committee


Twitter: @AndrewHevesi


Tom Abinanti, (518) 455-5753, (914) 631-1605,

Voted NO in Health Committee


Twitter: @Tom Abinanti



Joseph Giglio, (518) 455-5241, (518) 373-7103

No Twitter


No Facebook

John Mikulin, (518) 455-5341, (516) 228-4960




Michael Montesano, (518) 455-5477, (516) 937-3571




Angelo Morinello, (518) 455-5964, (716) 282-4226

No Twitter



Michael Reilly, (518) 455-4495, (718) 967-5282




Michael Tannousis, (518) 455-5716, (718) 439-8090




     The State of New York already has a database for adult vaccination records, but participation is voluntary for both physicians and patients. Currently, physicians can put a patient’s information into the database if they choose. The bill will require them to enter the data. A physician may only enter the data in the database they get permission from the patient. This bill takes away the patients right to consent.

    The vaccine industry has said for years that its future growth depends on getting more adults to take more vaccines, recognizing that there is not much upside growth in the infant and children market. They need this type of database to track who is and who is not using their products, and to use the power of the State to eventually force people to take their vaccines of face consequences, and to get the tax payer to pay for it all.

   Black New Yorkers have half the Covid-19 vaccination rate as the statewide average for all people. Hispanics are only slightly more vaccinated than blacks. Clearly, a disproportionate and discriminatory enforcement focus will be on these groups. This database will make that discrimination possible.

     This bill takes away our right to keep our medical information private. If the state has access to vaccination records, why not other records? Bureaucracies are always seeking to expand their reach and authority. It is only a matter of time before there will be pressure to add other medical information: prescription drugs, HIV status, other STI status, etc. Once we lose the right to medical privacy we will not get it back.

    In the discussion in the Senate Health Committee on the companion bill, Senator Hoylman had little more to say then “we need this because of Covid,” without explaining how this bill will make the Covid situation any better. More than half of the adults in New York have received at least one Covid shot. Some of those records are in the database already, but most probably aren’t. How useful is an incomplete database? And what will the database be used for?

     And what about adults who have already had Covid and recovered? That status will not be recorded in the database, and there is growing evidence that vaccinating people with a Covid vaccine who have already had Covid have a much higher rate of serious adverse reactions. But recovered people probably have more robust immunity to Covid than vaccinated people. That is yet another aspect of Covid that is insufficiently studied. But law and policy are being made as if all those questions are known.

     We currently have the exact same type of database for school children. It is used to monitor whether children are current with the vaccine schedule and, if not, to coerce their parents to get them up to date, and if the parents do not comply then the child loses their right to an education. This is a tool for surveillance, enforcement and punishment.

     The adult database will be used for the same purpose. It will be used too surveil all adults, track their vaccine status, coerce those who are out of compliance, and eventually punish those who do not obey.

     A database of this kind will be necessary to enforce any system of vaccine passports, such as the current Excelsior Pass. Vaccine passports are systems of medical apartheid or segregation, but these can only work if there is a database like this bill would create. It is telling that the list of states that have resumed normal life is growing, but here in New York we are implementing invasive systems to allow more isolation, control and segregation.

     Please share this message with family and friends, and please post to social networks while we still can

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