Hundreds Protest Rutgers COVID Vaccine Mandate

by Michael Kane


Watch local New Jersey coverage of the protest here

Rutgers was the first college to announce it will mandate the COVID vaccine for its students. On Friday May 21st, hundreds of students, parents, activists and others gathered to protest the forced medical mandate of a vaccine that is little more than 1-year in existence.

There was a lot of local news coverage of the protest and even some national news interest. Rutgers was put on notice by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who wrote a letter to the president of the college back in March informing him that it is patently illegal to mandate an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccine. There is a very good chance that a lawsuit will be brought against Rutgers seeing as they were the first college to kick off what has now become a vaccine mandate trend throughout academia.

Keep in mind Rutgers does say they will accept medical and religious exemptions to vaccination.

Governor Cuomo announced the CUNY & SUNY college systems in New York would be requiring its students to get the COVID vaccine, and recently attorney Jim Mermigis announced a class action lawsuit aimed at CUNY & SUNY.

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