TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) now has a permanant electronic method for accepting donations at the following Anedot link:


Click here to donate to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE –

Credit card, bank transfer or paypal are all acceptable at this link


Send us a check or money order to the following address:

Health Freedom Defense Fund

PO Box 7217, Ketchum, ID 83340.

And write “NYTC Legal” in the check note



Here are some of our accomplishments to date:


KANE vs NYC DOEDecember 2020 successfully sued the NYC DOE over privacy rights concerns related to in-school COVID testing in NYC public schools. We won a court ordered stipulation stating specimens obtained from in-school COVID testing must be destroyed and used for nothing other than getting a positive or negative COVID result. It was shocking that we needed to do this, and our union the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) did nothing to secure our privacy rights E

BUENO vs NYC DOEMarch 2021 sponsored a lawsuit against the NYC DOE for two union member employees who were placed on unpaid leave for refusing in-school COVID testing. Both employees offered to get tested by their own doctor and submit the results to their employer and this rational, reasonable compromise was denied. We are currently waiting to hear from the judge in regards to this case.

TfC is represented by legendary Harvard-trained civil rights attorney Michael Sussman, and we have relationships with the most prominent and successful civil & medical rights attorneys in the country. We are currently fundraising for any number of issues surrounding medical mandates including COVID vaccination, COVID testing and masking.


December 2020 TfC protested in front on UFT Headquarters in Staten Island. Over 100 people showed up in the freezing cold to support us as we called for no forced COVID vaccination or testing for teachers of students. This protest was covered in the NY Post HERE.

Jun 2021 TfC protested in front of UFT Headquarters at 52 Broadway in Manhattan. Again, over 100 supporters showed up where 11-year-old Jenna Miller called for mask mandates in schools to end.

(MORE to be added soon…)

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