Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor

by Michael Kane


Former Police Capatin Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor in NYC. Adams was one of 3 candidates TEACHERS FOR CHOICE recommended voters rank since he had publicly indicated he would not force teachers or students to get the COVID vaccine. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE congratulates Mr. Adams on this important and historic victory. He will be the second African American mayor of NYC.

We have heard rumors that Adams is not excited about vaccine passports or children being kicked out of school over Draconian medical mandates. These rumors have not been confirmed, we can only hope they are based in truth. Time and watchful eyes will tell.

On the negative side in terms of education Adams has signaled that he is a strong supporter of remote education. He has stated he would support a 12 month school year where summer classes were completely remote with one teacher instructing large numbers of students. He has also shown signs of being in favor of raising the charter school cap, although that is not 100% clear at this time.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not support remote learning as we believe it is ineffective, impersonal and dehumanizing. We want to see as little remote learning as possible in NYC and NY State.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not support raising the charter cap. However the UFT and other teachers unions are making the arguments against charter schools less effective as they hamper school openings and insist on medical mandates in public schools that remove children from in-person learning (i.e. forced COVID testing).

If (or when) Adams becomes mayor, we can certainly expect a far different running of NYC, especially in regards to policing and education. There are rumors that UFT President Michael Mulgrew is quietly beginning contract negotiations with De Blasio to avoid negotiating our next contact with Adams, as De Blasio is certain to be easier to negotiate with and more favorable to teachers union demands than a Mayor Adams will be. UFT recommended that their members not rank Adams or Yang during rank choice voting in the Democratic primary.

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