Confirmed Speakers for 8-25-21 Protest at City Hall in NYC

Protest at City Hall, NYC, August 25, 4pm, Stage setup at Broadway & Murray

We will be protesting federal, state and city mandates that are moving in the direction of forced vaccination to keep our jobs. Once a COVID vaccine is fully FDA approved, will they still allow us to test instead of getting vaccinated, or will they 100% force the vaccine on all organized labor?


Mark Crispin Miller, NYU Professor

Jamel Holley, New Jersey Assemblyman

Sujata Gibson Esq., TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Attorney

Minister Dr. Aaron Lewis

Conservative Party Mayoral Candidate Bill Pepitone

Kevin Jenkins, CEO, Urban Global Health Alliance

Tricia S. Lindsay, Esq., Civil Rights Attorney

John Gilmore, Pres. CHD New York

Alix Mayer, Pres. CHD California

Mary Holland Esq., CHD President

Kevin C., New York Freedom Rally


Tramell Thompson, Local 100 Transit Worker

Jennifer Johnson, NYC Nurse

David Rem, Department of Sanitation

William Castro, CSA Member

Michael Kane, NYC Teacher, Founder of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

Garret Ramirez, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Member

Lisa Eden, Opera Singer, American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA)

Heather Berman, Former Rockette

…and more still to be announced!!!



Come to City Hall

Wednesday, August 25, 4pm

to support the largest protest of rank & file union members in NYC History!

Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, EMTs, EMS, Police, Detectives, Sanitation, Postal Workers, Federal Workers, and more – we need you all! Bring signs promoting your Local Unions!

2 thoughts on “Confirmed Speakers for 8-25-21 Protest at City Hall in NYC

  1. Where does it end??
    We have to fight for what we believe in and most of all we owe it to our children! Show me the science !!


  2. Success in resisting in NY can reverberate across the country. This is a line n the sand, a red line not to be crossed, more powerful than a picket line. We must win this! Time to show the power of the working class.


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