TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Denounces Storming of Doors at Barclays

from Michael Kane & TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 10-25-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TFC) denounces the storming of the doors of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn yesterday. We are a peaceful organization and only support non-violent tactics in all of our resistance. Many of the protesters seen storming the doors were Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters orContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Denounces Storming of Doors at Barclays”

MSM Scared to Report Black Lives Matter Shutdown Barclays Today

NO VACCINE MANDATES NO VACCINE PASSPORTS by Michael Kane 10-24-21 The mainstream media (MSM) is scared to death to report that medical freedom fighters and Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater NY were protesting together, side-by-side, at Barclays Center today in Brooklyn. Hawk Newsome, one of the key founders of BLM Greater NY was at BarclaysContinue reading “MSM Scared to Report Black Lives Matter Shutdown Barclays Today”


Forced Covid Vax Mandate for All City Workers Needs Civil Disobedience 10-21-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is receiving dozens of emails from NYPD, FDNY rank-&-file union members in opposition to Mayor de Blasio’s new citywide covid vaccine mandate. Here is my very first thought SANITATION WORKERS – IT’S TIME FOR A SICK OUT! We need toContinue reading “NYC STINKS!”

Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice

“We can shutdown NYC over these vaccine mandates” – Hawk Newsome by Michael Kane 10-19-21 The interview by Tramell Thompson of Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater New York and myself was dynamic and controversial. It was a great way to begin the conversation on how Medical Freedom Fighters like myself can buildContinue reading “Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice”

Rally to Support School Safety Agents in NYC Schools

Sunday, October 10th, 2pm, City Hall Park I spoke to an organizer of this protest today and she fully encouraged TEACHERS FOR CHOICE members and supporters to show up tomorrow with all of our protest signs. We are also working on getting one of our speakers to the event tomorrow as well. The vaccine mandateContinue reading “Rally to Support School Safety Agents in NYC Schools”