Michael Kane announces he is Leaving the New York City Teachers Union (UFT)

Urges All NYC Educators to Follow him

Learn how to leave the UFT HERE

Urges All AFT Educators Across America to Follow him

Should NYSUT and NEA Educators Follow Him Too?



Today at the NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE Protest at City Hall NYC Teacher Michael Kane announced he is leaving the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. Kane is the founder of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE.

“The UFT is no longer a union. What union in history has ever actively worked to have their members placed on unpaid leave or fired?” said Kane.

“This is one of the saddest days of my life. I’ve been a progressive unionist since before I was ever in a union. My father was a bricklayer, my mother a letter carrier, I have a dozen teachers in my family, but I refuse to continue to give one more dime to a corrupt union that represents the interests of a political party over the interests of its membership.”

Kane’s public announcement comes in response to Mayor de Blasio requiring forced vaccination of all teachers and DOE employees. In response, UFT President Michael Mulgrew has thrown his hands in the air saying the city is “within their legal rights.”

“First off there are tons of things mayors have wanted to force on NYC teachers that were within their legal rights that the UFT vehemently fought off. Second, even NYSUT President Andy Pallotta is opposed to forced vaccination of teachers in this nature. Third, forced vaccination is a wildly unpopular position. We have a petition that is one of the top petitions on Change.org with over 37,000 signatures against forced vacciantion of educators. Lastly, the lame-duck mayor is not within his legal rights to force this mandate at this time and our attorneys will prove that,” said Kane.

This forced mandate comes just as the CDC Director admitted on CNN that the COVID vaccines no longer prevent transmission of the SARS CoV-2 virus, and the efficacy of the vaccine is reportedly waning. The most shocking example of this is Israel, where the most vaccinated country in the world now has the highest transmission rate in the world (according to the NY Times).

“Mulgrew is just following the orders of his boss, political insider Randi Weingarten, whose wife was just appointed to work directly with the Biden administration. We’ve tried to negotiate with the union. We’ve tried to compromise and be flexible, however Mulgrew won’t even respond to a single email I’ve sent. Only Randi Weingarten replies to me.”

Kane and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s steering committee met with Randi Weingarten and AFT staff virtually on August 18th. Kane says he has audio of the hour-plus debate that will be released soon.

“This isn’t even about vaccination, it’s about fundamental rights,” said Kane.

“In 2022 Albany begins to discuss bringing biometrics into all New York State Schools. Facial recognition, retina scans, tracking devices, digital biometric passports. And NYSUT and UFT are supporting the start of this discussion. What the hell is going on in public education that this is the direction we are headed?

17 thoughts on “Michael Kane announces he is Leaving the New York City Teachers Union (UFT)

  1. How can we support you Michael? I am so grateful for all you have done (and I’m sure will continue to do in whatever capacity) to keep the resistance alive.

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  2. Thank you for all you do. It’s so frustrating not having a union who backs its members! You mentioned in a previous email you would tell us how to stop paying dues at this point. Will you still be doing that?


  3. Wife is a teacher and she does not want this vaccine. Please keep fighting as a Police Officer I can’t believe this is where we are at. There is another freedom of choice rally in Albany on Sunday. We need to continue to march and let them fire us. The system doesn’t survive if we stand in numbers against it.


  4. True statement!

    “The system doesn’t survive if we stand in numbers against it”

    Let out voices and choices be heard!
    The vaccine is available to all, we can take it or not and assume risks either way due to not accountability with phar cos.
    Wear mask or not
    Keep our choices and our liberties. If your comfortable with the shot and a mask you can do that as well.

    This is an America I never thought I would see


  5. I have very high praise for the individuals that are standing up against these abuses against our personal freedoms.


  6. Biden mandated employers with 100+ employees to have them get vaccinated OR submit to weekly testing. It was all over the news. But it seems like the DOE and the UFT did not hear the “testing weekly” part of his speech. So, why are they pushing the vaccine on teachers. They wear masks and they’ve complied with the testing last year. I wonder if an inside deal was done to push hard working people out of a job and get on welfare? Who knows what’s going on.


    1. The way federalism works in America localities have jurisdiction over many areas the fed can’t over-ride them on. This includes health / vaccination.

      Vaccine mandates are done at the state level, not federal. The Biden mandate is 100% illegal and baseless in authority. He CAN NOT issue an executive order like the one he just signed. Over 20 Governors are challenging this EO in court.


  7. I was inspired by your story on Laura Ingram last night on Fox! I applaud you. I also dropped my union last month and couldn’t be happier. I will NOT be getting the vaccine and would like more people in my state of Colorado to stand up as well!


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