“All of New York City was there”

Thank you to NYC!

Link to the Google Doc for class action lawsuit

Updates on How to Leave the Union

Please, be patient with me

Media Coverage

by Michael Kane


The highlight of our NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE Protest yesterday for me personally was meeting and hearing Tramell Thompson from Local 100 and Progressive Action speak to the crowd. After the event I spoke to Tramell who said the event was amazing because “All of New York City was there.”

That is the perfect summation of the event for me.

Black, White, Brown, old, young, immigrant, native, LGBTQ, conservative, progressive, beautiful women, crazy street performers – it was NYC how I remember it 20 years ago. 3000 people came out to support this critical movement that is pro-choice for personal medical procedures. Keep in mind this happened on August 25th when everyone is out of town vacationing. Half of my steering committee couldn’t make the protest and at least 100 people emailed me apologizing for not coming because they were away.


And for everyone pumped and ready to protest ASAP, every single Monday at 12 noon Kevin C. and the New York Freedom Rally protest at City Hall. Please show your support!


Many people are asking for the link to the Google Doc for UFT employees to sign up who want to be part of a class action lawsuit. It’s actually a Google Form, and here is that link:


There are nearly 3,000 NYC DOE employees signed up already, most are UFT members. Most are UFT members and most are ready to leave the union.

Updates on leaving the union

Leaving the union is actually simple and is merely a letter you will write and send to the NYC DOE and the UFT. We will have a template of a letter for you with all info on where to send it. You lose absolutely none of your benefits if you leave the union. You do not lose any medical benefits nor any of your wellfare fund benefits (glasses, prescription drugs, etc…) You do lose representation from your union, you cannot attend union meetings and you will likely get a stank eye from your chapter leader in your school building. I know of at least 2 chapter leaders who are ready to leave the UFT.

But everyone please, please be patient with me.

I thought I would have it all up and ready to go by tomorrow, Friday, August 27th, and I might. However I want the proper experts and attorneys to properly review it before we launch, and I am damn tired. I have over 100 unread emails, hundreds of email addresses to add to our email list, and very little time. If you email me please only write a few sentences, I have no time to read long emails right now. Also I need to devote time and attention to my family and everyone should be understanding and respectful about that.

But it is coming, all of it is coming. I promise that.

Check http://www.TeachersForChoice.org everyday, and always click on “updates” to scroll through our latest posts in case you missed anythihng.

Below find links to some of the best mainstream media coverage of our Aug 25th protest. I especially love the Associated Press video coverage:

2 thoughts on ““All of New York City was there”

  1. Thank you Michael The gathering was much needed People came from all over. And not one TV channel

    See you next time Lalita

    Sent from my time capsule



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