Thank you Michael Mulgrew!

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE thanks UFT President Michael Mulgrew for announcing that he is leading the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) filing an impasse to mediation moving agressively and immediately to arbitration over medical and religious exemptions to vaccination.

While we are not pleased with the fact that the COVID testing option is now completely off the table, we are very pleased with Mulgrew’s decisive and swift action to get into arbitration as soon as possible; as early as next week.

So many TEACHERS FOR CHOICE supporters are very sad, angry, scared and more right now. Yes, currently there is no viable religious exemption to vaccination for NYC workers. But what Mulgrew just did was announce that THE ENTIRE MLC is now unified fighting for our rights to both medical and religious exemptions to vacciantion.

So this is like ALL OF NYC LABOR vs. lameduck de Blasio…

We will have more to say very soon but, for now, thank you Mr. Mulgrew, UFT and the MLC!

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