I spoke with Andy Pallotta and Michael Mulgrew


from Michael Kane

On Monday August 30th I had a fantastic phone conversation with Andy Pallotta, President of NYSUT, who told me he would inform Michael Mulgrew that we spoke.

Today Michael Mulgrew called me and we had a very productive conversation. He said to make sure I tune in to the town hall tomorrow; he also said “You’ll be happy.”

My guess is he feels confident about how they have negotiated the medical and religious exemptions to vacciantion. Maybe the testing option is back on the table as we have heard rumors of from multiple sources. I don’t know.

We will know tomorrow.

One thought on “I spoke with Andy Pallotta and Michael Mulgrew

  1. You have been remarkable. I do appreciate religious and medical exemptions. However, weary of how that will translate out. A win win for me would be the testing option but I don’t think our mayor and new chancellor would back pedal on that


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