Rally to Support School Safety Agents in NYC Schools

Sunday, October 10th, 2pm, City Hall Park

I spoke to an organizer of this protest today and she fully encouraged TEACHERS FOR CHOICE members and supporters to show up tomorrow with all of our protest signs. We are also working on getting one of our speakers to the event tomorrow as well. The vaccine mandate has gotten School Safety Agents placed on unpaid leave just like it has educators. Show up tomorrow and show your support for School Safety!

Get all info for the protest HERE


Rally to Keep School Safety Agents In Schools And Protect Our Children

Come Out on Sunday, October 10, at 2:00PM.

The Fight is NOT Over! Protect Our Children.

Join our Rally to Keep School Safety Agents In Schools at City Hall Park, on Broadway between Warren and Murray Street.

Since schools fully reopened, violent incidents including slashings, stabbings, and shootings in and around schools have surged. Weapon and drug confiscations have increased. Join us in support of School Safety Agents and demand a plan to improve school safety and protect all students.

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