My comment to the FDA about covid vaccines for kids


Rushing a vaccine on children that is not even 1-year-old, for an illness (covid) that hardly effects children, with a vaccine that does not produce sterilizing immunity is crazy. Don’t trust me, ask Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard. Combined these two scientists have had their original clinical research cited over 40,000 times. That is unheard of. They are giants in medicine, and we should be taking heed of their warnings. Dr. Kulldorff has stated saying everyone needs to be vaccinated for covid is as ridiculous as saying no one needs to be vaccinated. TARGETED PROTECTION is the direction we need to be going, not universal mandates. – Michael Kane

Please post your own comment to the FDA by following the below instructions:

USA Take Action: The Covid Industry and the FDA are Coming for your Children

The Food and Drug Adminstration  (FDA) is meeting on Tuesday, 10/26 to discuss mandating vaccines for kids ages 5-11.

For the next two days, the public can submit comments for consideration. This takes two minutes.

Click on this link below to take you to the comments page of the FDA on the proposal.  Click on the “Comment Link” and follow the directions on the page.  After writing your comment. Under “What is your comment about? select “individual consumer” in the alphabetized drop down menu

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5 thoughts on “My comment to the FDA about covid vaccines for kids

  1. We do not need to justify ourselves to them; they need to justify themselves to us! Us, aligned with the experts you state, Michael.


  2. Every day people need to see. Banning, censoring, controlling in public schools with the help of teachers’ unions is what Hitler did! We hold them accountable!!!! NY NOW!! It is our job as teachers!!!


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