My comment to the FDA about covid vaccines for kids

10-24-21 Rushing a vaccine on children that is not even 1-year-old, for an illness (covid) that hardly effects children, with a vaccine that does not produce sterilizing immunity is crazy. Don’t trust me, ask Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard. Combined these two scientists have had their original clinical researchContinue reading “My comment to the FDA about covid vaccines for kids”

Hawk Newsome Tramell Thompson and Michael Kane

Watch Interview HERE Tune in to PROGRESSIVE ACTION TV today at 2pm to see Tramell Thompson interview Hawk Newsome, founding member of BLACK LIVES MATTER GREATER NEW YORK and Michael Kane, founder of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. They will be discussing the Draconian vaccine mandates and passports in NYC from Mayor De Blasio and the risingContinue reading “Hawk Newsome Tramell Thompson and Michael Kane”

Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids

8-31-21 One of our supporters called the New York State Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heatie’s office and was assured the bill regarding COVID vaccination and children only allowed pharmacists to administer the shot to kids. A few important points: Carl Heastie can never be trusted Every expert, lawyer and lawmaker we know and trustContinue reading “Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids”


NY Take Action NOW! ¬†Albany may be trying to sneak through a Covid mandate for children tomorrow! Update on this odd bill HERE      As expected, State Senator Brad Hoylman introduced a Covid  bill, Senate Bill S7320, it that appears to give the Health Commissioner the authority to order children to get the Covid shot.Continue reading “EMERGENCY ALERT – ALBANY MAY FORCE COVID VACCINE ON KIDS TOMORROW!!!”

Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You

Will NY Teacher Unions Support This? by Michael Kane Research contribution from Danielle Tauriello 8-29-21 New York State is on a path to bring biometric identification and tracking systems into public and private school buildings as early as 2022. This includes facial recognition, retina scans, tracking devices, biometric digital identity, blockchain technology and much more.Continue reading “Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You”

LAUSD Abandons Mandatory Vaccination Due to Lawsuit

But Gavin Newsom issues “vaccinate or test” policy statewide for California, same as NYC Very happy to see my friends and partners at Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) get a win in Los Angeles. However very quickly after this CA Governor Gavin Newsom announced a state-wide “test or vaccinate” policy for all teachers based offContinue reading “LAUSD Abandons Mandatory Vaccination Due to Lawsuit”

Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL

Legal Response to the Department of Justice The following email was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 6, 2021, at 5:10 am. Feel free to re-send this letter to them yourself, if you are so inclined: <>, <>, <> *** To theContinue reading “Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL”

CUNY SUNY Covid Shot Mandate Does Not Exist!

From John Gilmore 7/12/21 NY Take Action: CUNY and SUNY student Covid shot mandate is a Cuomo bluff      Despite publicity to the contrary, there is no current requirement to get a Covid shot to attend either the State University of New York (SUNY) or the City University of New York (CUNY). No law wasContinue reading “CUNY SUNY Covid Shot Mandate Does Not Exist!”

NY Stands Up Sues Cuomo

Challenging School Mask Mandates and the “State of Emergency” by Michael Kane 7-11-21 Attorney Patricia Finn and Carl Schwartz of NY STANDS UP (pictured above) are challenging Governor Cuomo’s policy of forcing children to wear masks to attend school, as well directly challenging the “State of Emergency” claiming there is no disaster in New YorkContinue reading “NY Stands Up Sues Cuomo”