Convoy to Save America Goes To the Canadian Border This Weekend!!!

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The first leg of the convoy is that it is headed to the Canadian border this weekend. All itineraries and routes will be released no later than tomorrow. Below is our press release promoting the weekend long convoy event:


Convoy To Save America
For immediate release – February 9, 2022

Contact:  Pennie Fay

US Convoy Group Heads for Canadian Border at
Buffalo, New York to Support Canadian Truckers

Convoy To Save America to bring
supplies and hold rallies at the Peace Bridge

Nashville, Tennessee (February 9, 2022) – This weekend Convoy To Save America (CTSA), a new group formed to peacefully support the official Freedom
Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, will send two convoys to the U.S.-Canadian border at the Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NY. They will bring supplies to truckers and supporters to help them peacefully assembly in celebration of freedom.

The first CTSA convoy will leave New York City on Friday, February 11, stopping to pick up convoy participants at Scranton, PA; Elmira, NY; and Mount Morris, NY before arriving at Buffalo, NY. On Saturday they will join a slow roll convoy starting at 11:00am at 900 Young Street, Tonawanda, NY and ending at Pat Sole Park in Buffalo. From there the groups will hold a rally at the Peace Bridge, the international border which is normally one of Canada-U.S.’s most trafficked border crossings. 

The second convoy will leave Mount Juliet, TN just east of Nashville on Saturday, February 12, and proceed to pick up convoy supporters at Lebanon Junction, KY; Fort Mitchell, KY near Cincinnati; Seville, OH; and Erie, PA to reach Buffalo Saturday evening.

Denby Melisha Morgan, a resident of White House, TN and founder of CTSA, said, “This is so exciting that we are actually going to be boots-on-the-ground support for Canada’s freedom fighters. They have been such a personal inspiration to me that I galvanized everyone I know to get on board.”

Morgan added, “Our two convoys will be bringing a variety of supplies to the border that the Canadians specifically recommended to bring such as hand warmers, water, snacks, gas cards, hats, washer fluid, gloves, and blankets.” Those supplies will be for those on the American side of the border.

The freedom convoy to the peace bridge is being organized in conjunction with The Rolling Patriots, The Constitutional Coalition of NY, Families Are Essential, and For the Love of Family- Reunification for All, groups of binational families who have been fighting for open borders for nearly 2 years. Families continue to be separated by federal policies by both the Biden and Trudeau regimes, by maintaining a closed land border for unvaccinated family and cumbersome restrictions and testing to enter Canada. 

Donations are urgently needed to support the convoys’ efforts to help the Canadian truckers.  Find donations links by clicking SUPPORT:

About Convoy To Save America

Convoy To Save America’s mission is to stand with Canada and Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, carrying their same messages of unity, peace, and freedom. Sponsors that have stepped up to help the Tennessee-based group succeed with its goals include Teachers For Choice, New York Freedom Rally, Families Are Essential, Rolling Patriots, and Americans For Justice. Convoy To Save America is unique in that they are in direct contact with Canadian Trucker leaders such as Benjamin Dichter and Joe Janzen.

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